As already mentioned, I love to travel. I really do. But in the course of my everyday work, my passion got lost in nirvana. Instead of being far away from home, I now prefer to stay home, go to familiar restaurants and stick to everything that I know. Cuddling with my blanket in my beloved bed… such a nice thought.

But you can’t avoid things, where you know that they are going to happen. Like my last small business trip that I knew would come. But as always: When your expectations are low, you will be surprised. And that was exactly what happened to me. I got to the food hotel in Neuwied. Food is what comes first in this hotel. Okay, not first, but right after the guests.

After I had entered the lobby, I still wasn’t sure what to expect in my room. I took the elevator and found the door with my number on it. I opened the door and what I saw made me smile. My room was named “Prinzenrolle”. A typical cookie that remembers adults of their childhood. It’s a cookie that nearly everyone ate as children: a sweet piece of dough and chocolate in between. Do you know the cookie I’m describing? (Maybe a picture will make you remember). In that room every small detail refers to the cookie. Even the sheets are in a matching colour to the cookies theme. Really adorable. I immediately knew that I would be sleeping quiet good in that bed. So I didn’t waste too much time and went straight to bed.




After smoothly getting up again I went to my business meeting in room 2. Again, I didn’t know, what to expect. But funnily I got surprised again. A meeting room designed like a can. From the outside already the walls looked like a food can. I went through the silver shining door and inside the “can” was a meeting room, with lots of small pieces and can designs. Awesome! To cut a long story short, take a look at the pictures!










I had such a good business trip to Neuwied. Even though I didn’t expect it, it was so good. All the rooms in the food hotel made me feel so comfortable that I didn’t want to leave. Sometimes it helps getting out of your comfort zone to find new things and get surprised.

When was your last time you left your comfort zone? Any special occasion? Share your story with me by leaving a comment below.

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