In our last blog post we went over some tips on how to optimise grocery shopping to be more eco-friendly. With that however we stumbled upon a few problems, we might now have found a solution to: The zero waste online shop Loop.

15 Years in the Making

Online shopping doesn’t have the best reputation these days since the packaging and individual delivery of your desired products consumes a lot of energy and creates even bigger amounts of waste than normal shopping would. But stay with us, because there is an online shop out there that is trying a different approach and might actually be the solution to the waste issue.
Instead of trying to revolutionize recycling, the minds behind Loop worked on a way to avoid creating waste in the first place. A way to go “zero waste”. And now after 15 years in the making it is finally here: A zero waste online shop delivering to the UK, France, the United States, Canada and even coming to Germany, Japan and Australia.

The Approach

By eliminating disposable packaging all together, Loop choses materials like aluminium for their packaging instead. Loop CEO Tom Szaky says: “Loop does that by shifting who owns the package because we really don’t want to own or use packaging in the end.” You receive your product, use it and afterwards send the packaging back, so it can be hygienically cleaned and refilled for the next customer. It might be more environmentally costly to produce that kind of packaging at first but by its second use it will already have a lower impact on the environment. The impact will be about 50% lower at its fifth use compared to disposable products, even including transportation.
Loop also saves on the waste created for the transportation of your groceries: they do not wrap your order in extra paper boxes or bubble wrap but in a package that can be reused as well. You just borrow the package from Loop for a small refundable deposit. After you have used your products, just pop them back in the box and schedule a free pick up right from your doorstep.

Get All The Brands

The best thing about this zero waste shop is that you really don’t have to deny yourself anything. Usually when it comes to a zero waste lifestyle you would just have to accept that certain things are simply not possible for you anymore. Like buying well-known brands like Häagen Dazs, Oral-B or Dove. It just won’t work without creating a huge amount of waste. But with Loop you don’t have to sacrifice anymore. Many brands have created special designs with reusable cans and metal containers. Those product partners committed to the cause and fully reinvented their packaging for a greener future.

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