Weekends are there to relax, do nice things outside, meet friends you haven’t seen way too long … and of course to get all the things done, for which you have had no time during your busy work week. It does not matter if you are in primary school or if you have been working for 40 years – weekends are always the highlight of your week. Don’t you agree?

When I’m done relaxing I get really energised and want to do a lot of things: I want to see new things and places, meet new people or try new food (yes, that counts as being hyper!). I once read “You should try to see your own city through a tourist’s eye” – a quote I live by ever since. When I wander around my beautiful hometown, I always discover new things.

A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t take my usual way home from work and ended up walking down a street I had never been to before. I turned right around a corner and suddenly stood in the middle of a flea market. OK, maybe not literally in the middle but it felt like I was already emerged by old shoes, mirrors, and books. It was just like those tiny Arabian markets that you’ve seen in movies. Incredibly crowded and with many narrow little isles. I walked from table to table, from shoe rack to shoe rack, from cupboard to cupboard and found many very loveable things. And what almost all of them had in common: Nothing looked more vintage than metal!


There were small metal boxes, old tin cans painted in crazy new colours, sweet tiny figurines, recycled cans that are now candleholders or cookie cans. I was very impressed by all the creativity and craftsmanship that the sellers had put into their pieces. Of course, it does not come as a big surprise: Vintage and repurposed items are a huge trend at the moment. “Vintage is the new modern” describes it perfectly. If you want to decorate your home in a temporary style, you should mix old design elements with new things. For example, you can use tin cans as an easy and cheap way to decorate your home and make it cosier. Saving money, up-cycling cans, and creating something unique for your home – it can’t get any better, can it?


I hope this trend is going to last a bit longer so I can stroll through flea markets and antique stores. And with all the cool metal cans, cookie boxes or food cans I bring bits of history into my home.

Do you like the vintage trend as well? What’s your most precious piece of vintage you have in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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