There are thousands of words in our vocabulary, but today only three of them matter: I. Love. You. Before you stop reading because you think this article is going to be aaaall about Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a little bit of everything: history, advices and last-minute ideas. And why reject some free extra know-how?

Valentine’s Day – it’s all a myth

Have you ever wondered where it originates from? It wasn’t always the lovey-dovey day it has become. The industrialisation and advertising are mainly responsible for the Valentine’s Day hype! The original story, on the other hand, is based on a myth from the 300th century. They say it was Saint Valentine who got martyred in 269. They say the reason for him being imprisoned was that he rebelled against church. At that time there was a rule saying that men should join the Roman army instead of getting married. Because Valentine united couples in wedlock, doing something forbidden, he was imprisoned and had to pay with his life. Just before Saint Valentine walked into his deathly future, he wrote a letter to his beloved lady and signed it with the words “From your Valentine”. And these words made him famous.

And today all that’s left of it is a day full of gifts, love and occasionally exaggerated romance.

Last-minute Valentine’s presents

But for everyone, who really does celebrate this special occasion with full passion. What’s your plan for today? Do you already have a small Valentine’s present? Or are you still searching for a sweet gift for your best sweet lady or man? If you got some hours left, you could bake a little heart-shaped pie or try your best like Ina did.

In case you’re more of a DIY kind of person, you could pimp a can with a candle. And ta-da the romantic part is done. Check!

And last but not least, what works always and for everyone is chocolate! And with this small box you can easily shed your love. It’s just perfect for people, who are not so found of spilling their feelings and those who are better in taking action. ♥ + chocolate = love!


So I hope everyone has a great day – either you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. Enjoy it!


From Your Valentine (Charlotte)

How are you going to celebrate this Valentine? And of course: with whom? I’m curious, please let me know!

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