As I’m a part-time semi-professional photographer, I check from time to time what’s new in the field of artificial photography. During this trip through the seemingly endless sites of photography tips and tricks I found two really cool ideas including the use of cans. And what’s better for a can-loving photographer than photo hacks with cans? Right – nothing! So here are my two new favourite photography hacks plus a little additional hack, because it’s Christmas time. 😉

 Cantastic Pinhole Camera

This tip is a little bit retro but you can create really artsy masterpieces with it. Do you remember pinhole cameras? Yes, these vintage ones from decades ago. Did you know you can build them on your own and even better from cans? All you need is an empty can, a needle or a pin, a card lid, gaffer tape, a sheet of black and white photographic paper and a generous dose of patience, as your camera will need up to six months to create an image. Therefore it is very important, that your camera is faced toward south to get as much sun as possible. And it might be wise to fix the camera with some gaffer tape or cable ties to a solid object like a fence or lamp post.

Tiny Canned Fog Machine

One of the latest innovations on the photography market, wasn’t a camera or lens at all. It was a little can with great potential and very helpful for every photographer. The new Atmosphere Aerosol is like a little mobile fog machine you can easily carry around. So whenever you need some fog or at least some gas in the air to highlight light rays for example, you no longer need to bring heavy fog machines to the set. Once sprayed, a small, non-harmful amount of gas lifts the spray up in the air and then dissipates. What’s left is only the mineral oil, which lingers in the air for some minutes. A full can of Atmosphere Aerosol lasts for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Crazy Can Camera

This one is rather a nice gift for your photography-crazy friends than a real hack. It is a very cute DIY to build a decoration camera from cans. Therefore it is not only simple but also very diverse, as you can use your or your friend’s favourite canned beverages to create this piece of art. Or you get some spray paint, copper for example, and make a vintage-themed camera. It is up to you!

So, how do you like these hacks? Do you know other cool photography hacks with cans? We are really looking forward to your suggestions in the comment section.

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