Sustainable or ethical eating while travelling can be challenging – especially for beginners. It´s much easier at home where we know eco-friendly stores or local green restaurants. But you’ll see that travelling feels much better with the right food! The love of travel doesn´t necessarily mean not paying attention to our ecological footprint while we’re on the road. We collected 4 tips to help you eating sustainable while travelling:

Taste the Tradition

Crêpes in France, sardines in Portugal, curry in India – every country has its own traditional menu. Usually, these dishes tend to have ingredients from the region rather than imported ones from all around the world. Besides, eating the local fare lets us experience one of the most authentic aspects of what the place we’re visiting has to offer. Food is a deep-rooted part of our culture, inextricably tied to the place we visit. It´d be too bad to visit a place and miss out the most delicious part of the adventure, don’t you think?

Try Local Shops

Apart from traditional food, visiting local shops is another important aspect in order to travel more sustainably. Instead of shopping at multinational supermarkets, you can check out the range of local food produced in the host country. If we pay attention to where our food comes from at home, why not abroad? If you keep your eyes open, you´ll even notice some of the country’s great specialties in cans!

Explore Local Markets

Local shops are a good choice, but also local markets are always worth a visit! Farmer’s markets are still the best places to shop locally grown products. And luckily, these are often among the many tourist attractions in various countries. Usually, there are great local specialties to try out and furthermore you get the chance to interact with the country’s natives and their culture. Buying there does not only support the local economy, but it brings the next meal in line with ethical eating ideals and sustainability. So, it’s eco-friendly, fun and you learn a lot about the place you’re staying at!

Take a Seat

A coffee to go, a burger or some fries while we’re walking through the city – there is plenty of choice speaking of  dishes to go. But why don’t we just sit down, take in the atmosphere and enjoy a meal or drink in a café or restaurant? Dining in will improve the overall experience and help the environment by reducing “to go”-waste. And remember: you’re on holiday, so why are you in such a hurry?

There are many ways to combine travelling with sustainable eating and the little extra effort offers great opportunities to experience the culture and the country itself. Eating sustainably is not everything, there are many more ways to do your bit. To get more tips, we recommend our article on travelling green.

Do you have more tips for sustainable eating while travelling? How do you manage it? Tell us in the comments!

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