When it comes to weddings it is all about tradition. Even if you haven't been to a wedding you may have heard of some of the many customs associated with wedding parties. For example, you may have heard the saying “Something old and something new” or seen motorcades covered in ribbons or the throwing of the bouquet? Another custom that is part of the wedding circus is the tying of cans to the bumper of the happy couple's car. And this is what I am going to tell you a little story about.

The individually designed and colourful cans aren't only a beautiful decoration for the wedding car they also cause an incredible amount of noise. And what is a wedding all about if not making a noise and getting attention?!

That's when we asked ourselves: Who started this tradition and where did it all begin? Do you know?

Well here is the answer: The tradition was born in France, which should come as no surprise, as it has one of the most romantic cities is the world: Paris, the city of love <3. Family members, friends and neighbours would go to the newly-weds' home the night before the wedding and throw cans at their windows and doors to wake them up. Once the couple had been woken and sufficiently startled, they would have to get dressed in their finest clothes and invite the nocturnal intruders in for refreshments.

So back then this is how people created their own wedding parties, but since then customs have changed and the cans are now only used on the wedding car and not for throwing at windows! Nowadays the only thing that is thrown at a wedding is confetti, parties and shapes on the dance floor. Hopefully these traditions will never change.

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