„Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer“♪… okay, I know it is a little bit early, but honestly there’s nothing wrong with listening to Christmas classics in the middle of November, right?

As you can imagine, I’ve already baked tons of cookies, bought the first gifts for my family and made my home into a little Christmas temple. In Germany there is a lovely tradition to celebrate the last 4 weeks before Christmas. They call this time “Advent time”. “Advent” is a Latin word and means “coming”, so easily translated: “Advent time” is the time where we wait for Christmas to come. Because I like celebrating the Advent season properly, I also like to highlight the Sundays of Advent. And what’s better for this occasion than a nice and stylish Advent wreath? “Advent wreath”? You may wonder what an “Advent wreath” is now. Well, let me briefly introduce this wonderful tradition.

During the 4 weeks before Christmas, you lighten one candle on your “Advent wreath”. Every Sunday one candle and at the end of the “Advent time” you can be sure: Christmas is almost there.

Because I really like celebrating this special time, I created an “Advent wreath” for myself (It becomes pretty obvious that I prefer it individual and special).

But of course I will allow you to copy my masterpiece, so here’s how I made it:  

What Do You Need:

  • 4 Old Tin Cans
  • 4 Candles (The colour is up to you)
  • Glue
  • A Plate (I recommend white as contrast to the metal cans)
  • Ribbon
  • Small Baubles
  • Construction Paper (I prefer it dark green )
  • A Puncher
  • Some Pine Corns (As decoration)
  • Moss (As decoration)

What Do You Have To Do:

Don’t worry, this DIY is reeeally easy and always remember: it’s your wreath for at least four weeks, you should like it the way you decorate it! 😉

  1. Make sure that your tin cans are clean and usable, before you put them on the plate the other way around.
  2. Take each candle and put some glue on its bottom. Then you should stick the candle to your tin can: each candle gets its own tin throne. For some extra care I recommend using some extra glue to fix the cans on the plate.
  3. After the candles are correctly placed, it’s all about the decoration! Use the construction paper to create small signs saying “1”, “2”, etc.. Be careful when you perforate the paper.
  4. Then grab a piece of ribbon (you will figure out how much you will need, depending on the size of your cans) and put it around one can. Before making a bow, you first take one of the ribbon’s ends and slide on one bauble and secondly the paper notelet.
  5. For finishing you can use as much moss as you like and put as many pine corns on the plate as you want.
  6. The only thing you have to do now, is to wait until the first Sunday in Advent is there and you can light the first candle. 🙂

How did you like my Advent wreath and what does your own one look like? Just leave a comment below.

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