Some open them with a regular opener, some with a lighter and, most crazily, I have even seen people like me getting rid of them by using their teeth. We’re talking about bottle caps, or, more precisely, crown corks. While crown corks probably get thrown away most of the time, I guess their flawless shape and design cannot simply be coincidental. In fact, there are a lot of cool and fancy things you can use them for. Here are seven creative uses for bottle caps, which soon will make you want to open a crown cork sealed bottle yourself.

Romantic Tea Lights

Even though these days, you probably don’t necessarily need some candles to light up your apartment, a tea light has never chased away anyone. A bottle cap candle doesn’t consist of anything more than a crown cork, a wick and the melted wax of some crayons and yet is able to create a romantic atmosphere in your living room.

Stylish Fridge Magnets

As a cold drink’s best place to be is the fridge, it stands to reason to bring some bottle caps back to where they came from. Using them as fridge magnets is a cool way to display your favourite beverages and a task you can handle in a minute. If you can grab a glue gun, some hex nuts, and button magnets, you’re ready to go. So, start right off and add some style to your kitchen notes.

Nuka Cola Bottle Caps

You love gaming and want to feel some vibes of Fallout’s alternative scenarios? Then, I sure got something for you. Spray paint, a glue gun, sandpaper, acrylic and a printer is all you need to get yourself a cap of the most popular soft-drink of the game’s post-apocalyptic world. You probably might not be able to use them as actual currency, however, they definitely are a must-have for every Fallout nerd.

Handy Items Organizer

Having covered the gaming, here is something more ladylike! If you’re tired of keeping track of your beads, rhinestones, pearls or just anything you’re using to create your own jewellery, a bottle cap organizer can put an end to your struggle. All you need is cardboard, spray paint, and some crown corks. Building the organizer is as easy as it gets: Simply choose your preferred cardboard size, glue the bottle caps on and cover everything with spray paint. Tadaa!

Unique Earrings

Once you’ve mastered the organiser and your little items are in a safe place, you might want to use those beads and pearls to create an eye-catching pair of earrings. They require some sleight of hand but are definitely worth the effort. Use a hammer, an awl and some pliers to attach a head pin and an ear wire to each one of the caps. Obviously, the real fun about this is decorating the earrings with items that fit your style and liking. So, don’t be shy and express yourself!

Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter

For now, all of these gadgets might not have challenged you more than choosing your next drink on a Saturday night. So why not try something bigger? I came across the idea of creating a giant letter (numeral works just as fine) covered in smashed crown corks and found it very cool as a decorative element on your bookshelf. Admittedly, you’ll need a lot of caps but as enjoying some drinks presumably won’t be an issue, it’s a great way to put those caps to good use.

Fancy Wind Chime

I bet you all can’t wait for summer. There’s not much better than a nice, sunny summer’s day and a barbecue with the people and food you love. A bottle cap wind chime is a fashionable decoration element that adds some style to your veranda. To construct one you’ll again need a whole bunch of crown corks which are being connected with the aid of jump rings. Whether you prefer to craft a small or rather large wind chime is totally up to you, so it’s another perfect idea to let your creativity flow.

You think I left something out that mustn’t be missing in this article? Then please tell us your idea about crown corks in the comment section below.

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