The Van Life Movement is growing in popularity and on top of that allows for amazing content: great shots from travellers, beautiful places, impressive vans and so much inspiration. By Living in a van, the world can be looked at from a completely different angle. And it’s definitely worth taking a glance. If you’re interested in or thinking about starting your own van life, it is helpful to gather information and ideas from bloggers. To ensure that you don’t lose track in the sea of van life bloggers, we’d like to introduce you to our top 5:

1. Outbound Living

Ranging from interesting news to useful tips: Outbound Living’s profile is full of exciting content all around van life. There’s a lot to discover if you want to learn more about van life news, stories, how-tos, events and gear. The profile is quite helpful if you need information about the most important van items, miscellaneous furnishing ideas or interior inspiration as well as recommendations for beautiful places to visit.

2. Vanlife Diaries

Various vans, perfect places and sustainability are only a few topics, Vanlife Diaries spotlights. This site holds great inspiration for van lifers worldwide. By supporting the responsible van life movement, Vanlife diaries also raises awareness about environment and sustainability.

3. Anthony Pearson from land_roamers

On land_roamers, Anthony Pearson not only shares great van life experiences, but also amazing pictures of his journey! As a photographer, he knows exactly how to capture atmosphere and landscapes perfectly. Currently heading through Iceland, he shows breathtaking photos of nature as well as his gorgeous red van in spectacular sceneries. He’s definitely worth to follow for his extraordinary shots of nature!

4. Sydney Ferbrache from divine on the road

Together with her partner in crime, Golden Retriever Ella (ellathevandog), Sydney Ferbrache lives in a van and shares her experiences on divineontheroad. She gives great van life advice and inspiration. She also talks about her adventures in her own podcast “My Solo Road”.

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This morning we went for a long walk through the neighborhood I grew up in. We walked down the court where I played kick ball with all the other kids, showed Ella the trailhead that leads to my secret hideout, and passed the park where I kissed my first love. My whole life I was so desperate to leave this place. I wanted to escape so badly and would dream of all the places I’d get to explore some day. But it’s funny now that I get to do exactly what I always dreamed of, I drive thousands of miles across the country to get back here. To see the place I deemed mundane and boring. To type this from the kitchen table where I ate breakfast every day before school and had to endure way too many “family talks”. Traveling for me is exciting, intoxicating, and constantly teaches me new things that I would probably never learn otherwise. But being home is familiar, comforting, and re-teaches me all the things I’ve already known but forgot somewhere along the way. – So many of us are desperate to escape. To get out there and leave it all behind. But I wish I would’ve seen this place for what it was all along. Don’t be like me and wait until you return to find the magic where you are now. There’s a kind of beauty in the boring that you won’t find in the excitement.

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5. That’s Vangasmic!

Don’t panic, it’s nothing scandalous – just a Hashtag for van lifers! 😉 If you’re looking for inspiration, information, useful tips and beautiful snapshots of van life, you’ve come to the right place. Use #ThatsVangasmic to share your own experiences or follow other van lifers.

After all these inspirational and breathtaking pictures from the van life, you’re now thinking about starting your own van life adventure? Check out this page to get all information you need, whether it’s getting started by “building your own van” or useful advice like “hygiene tips for being on the road”. 

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