Summer is finally here. Okay, hands down it’s been raining a lot lately but that can’t stop me from spending time outside – and ice cream tastes just as good when it’s pouring down, don’t you think? Anyway, during summer I’m always looking forward to the festival season. May it be Glastonbury Festival in England or Roskilde Festival in Denmark, festivals are a great opportunity to spend time with your friends – and yes, also eat some delicious canned food. Here are our top 5 canned foods for your festival weekend!

5. Chicken Noodle Soup

You like to live on the wild side, don’t you? I thought so, otherwise you would not read our cool blog articles that much! Our first yummy dish for your festival trip is exotic flavours packed into one tiny little can. You guessed right: Asian-style chicken noodle soup is a perfect companion for every festival goer who enjoys a hearty meal. If you want to give it a little twist, try adding carrots, peas, or mushrooms to discover a whole new world of canned food!

4. Peaches

It’s 35 degrees outside, you are enjoying the music in your tent, and the thirst is slowly crawling up your throat. I have the perfect (canned) solution for your dilemma: Enjoy some canned peaches! They are not only a real thirst quencher but are also full of vitamin A and magnesium. Staying hydrated and healthy? Check.

3. Chili Con Carne

Scenario #2: Instead of a heat wave, you are at the campsite and it’s just above zero (fair enough, unlikely in July, but who knows, right?). The only thing to prevent hypothermia now is a steamy bowl of meaty-beany-goodness. Yes, a can of chili con carne could save lives – and is the perfect festival meal!

2. Pea Stew

My mum is always telling me: Nothing brings people together like some homey comfort food. So, if you are heading to a festival with a bunch of friends, bring cans with pea stew with you. Nothing says more “This tastes like home” quite like peas, some bacon, and potatoes in a can. At least for me! And my friends! Give it a try!

1. Ravioli

O sole mio! This dish is the ultimate festival hero. You can eat them cold, you can eat them hot, you can share them with friends or enjoy them all by yourself! Canned ravioli always taste amazing. You better don’t say this in front of your Italian friends… I’m sure it will break their heart that you prefer canned raviolis over proper Italian Mama homemade ravioli. Pro tip: Put some grated cheese over a hot bowl of ravioli to double the awesomeness and enjoy!

What’s your favorite festival meal? Which canned food saved your day at a hot or cold festival day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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