For lots of people riding a bicycle is a fun pastime activity or it is just part of their workout routine. For others it’s instead a crucial part of their daily lives and it can be pretty stressful. They have to deal with cars illegally parked on the bike path, and their life is often put at risk by self-proclaimed inner-city race car champions. Luckily there are bike-friendly cities all across Europe. So without further ado, let us present to you our top 10:

1. Copenhagen

This one should come as no surprise. Copenhagen has spent “as little as” 134M Euros into their bike infrastructure – and with great success!About 62 per cent of the locals ride their bike at least once a day. Get more facts about cycling in Denmark in general from this infographic from the “Cycling Embassy of Denmark”:

Cycling Embassy of Denmark


 2. Amsterdam

You can’t say Copenhagen without mentioning Amsterdam – at least in this conversation. About 60 per cent of the residents in Amsterdam ride their bike everyday and travel a total distance of more than 2M kilometres while at it.

 3. Ghent

A city you don’t hear that much about, and the smallest city on my list, is Ghent. The capital of East Flanders is actually quite famous among cyclists as it features one of the largest cycling areas with about 400 kilometres of cycling paths. Ghent also made a name for itself by introducing Belgium’s first cycling street, a street where cars must stay behind cyclists and aren’t allowed to overtake.

4. Ljbuljana

The Slovenian capital is one of the more trendy travel destinations among Eastern European cities as it won 2016’s European Green Capital Award. This, of course, speaks volumes about the quality of life in Ljubljana where cyclists is a vital part of transportation. Car-free and reduced speed zones guarantee stress free cycling experiences.

5. Barcelona

Barcelona has pretty much everything: Beautiful sights, the beach, Leo Messi, and one of the world’s most frequently used bike-sharing programs where riders can pick up and drop off their ride at many different locations. This just adds to the great quality of living that you get in Spain’s second largest city.

6. Bremen

The North German city has finally eclipsed Hamburg’s shadow for once. With 674 km of physically separated bike tracks and newly-introduced bike districts, Bremen ranks as the most bike-friendly city in Germany in the so called “Copenhagenize Index”. Bremen’s government is also planning to build eight premium cross-city cycle paths by 2025.

7. Vienna

The Austrian capital is already famous for a fantastic public transport system that helps limiting car traffic.  And the city keeps working hard to become bicycle friendly, too just that. They’ve already established a free-of-charge cargo bike rent system and they recently installed 5000 new bicycle parking spaces.

8. Utrecht

Utrecht has a long history of being a bicycle-friendly place. One of their latest achievements is a bike parking lot for about 12,500 bikes which is being reconstructed to hold double the amount in 2020.

9. Strasbourg

No other city in the world, let alone Europe, has a bike-sharing system better than the one Strasbourg has to offer. That is probably why no other city has as many bike sharers as the French city.

10. Berlin

The capital of Germany is always worth a visit – whether you’re into Cold War history or you’re just trying to make the best out of the city’s famous nightlife, Berlin is full of sights to see. The best way to explore the city, it’s obviously by riding your bike. And in case you’ll want to do that in true Berlin fashion, just rent a fixie and ride across Alexander-Platz, Berliners love that (eye-rolling in Berlin is a sign of appreciation)!

 What city is definitely missing from this list? Tell us in the comment section!

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