“The eye is the window to the soul.” Whether or not this statement is even remotely true, it doesn’t change the fact that the eye, next to the thumbprint, is the most unique part about you. The eye is a thing of true beauty. And that’s not just the way it looks, it’s also how it sees. Two small, roundish objects enable us to grasp all there is in the world to see. Isn’t nature amazing?

And to keep it that way, we have to protect it. Now, I’m not referring to the eye anymore, although it definitely deserves protection as well, but nature. As humans, we have already destroyed quite a lot of it and we don’t seem to stop in the foreseeable future. While some of us have already opened their eyes to the devastating consequences, many sadly prefer to look away.

Can Can Art Open Your Eyes, Too?

I believe that is what the beautiful eye installation exhibited at Atlanta’s BeltLine is all about. It shows two opened eyes and it is made up of old metal and tin cans among other metal parts. This magnificent piece of art best encapsulates what we must do: look ahead. It’s not too late. All the material we need is already there. We just need to do the right thing and recycle and sort them in the right way. That way is recycling. If we all make the right packaging choice, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

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What was initially thought of as a means to get locals to explore the path along a former train track in 2010, has now transformed into an open-air art gallery visited by more than 1.87 million people in 2017 alone. In the heart of the south, Atlanta BeltLine now serves to

“engage the community in a thoughtful expression.”

Every year, The Lantern Parade kicks off the annual exhibition with a flash.

The Endless Can

While there is a lot of waste thrown out, a good portion of it can be recycled again. Metal is the perfect means of packaging because it keeps our food fresh for a long time and it can be recycled forever. If you’re feeling creative, you can even turn it into art, like the anonymous artist who created the eye installation did.

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