My sister has recently moved out of our mother’s house and I’ve been racking my brains for the ideal housewarming gift for her. She is, unfortunately, an insane collector of everything remotely useful, so it is hard to get my hands on something she doesn’t yet possess. Salad servers? She got them. Doormat? Bought it two years ago. Wine glasses? Last Christmas. So, you see that it is rather hard to give her a gift. Also, she is not a fan of gift cards … thank God I caught a glimpse into her pantry which was – to my shock and delight – completely empty.

I decided to stock up her canned goods and include all my favourite tin cans. Cans are the perfect all-rounders and spice up every dish. They are absolute recycling champions and their contents are very nutritious and healthy as well – that is why they are my kitchen super heroes.


My go-to-cold-afternoon dish is a nice and warm bowl of Chili con Soy. Since I’m not the biggest fan of bell peppers and haven’t come across a recipe that works without it, I like to replace it with a variety of canned beans. They are not only super delicious, but did you know that they are also low in fat and cholesterol free? They come out of the can ready-to-eat, are super cheap and deserve a place in every pantry.

Diced Tomatoes

The secret ingredient for every pasta sauce I’ve ever made: diced tomatoes. They are diced in the perfect size and in comparison to sieved tomatoes, they make my sauces nice and filling. Canned tomatoes have a really useful superpower: only half a cup of diced tomatoes provides 20% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Now … is my bolognese a pasta sauce or a smoothie?


The classic tin can that can be found more or less dusty in the back of everybody’s pantry. Personally, I always keep canned peaches in stock for spontaneous baking action. They taste absolutely delicious with only a little honey, lemon and cornstarch slowly cooked on medium heat on top of your favourite waffle recipe. Fun fact: Vitamin C levels in canned peaches are 4 times higher than in fresh. So, get up and open that dusty can right away for an instant vitamin shock! 😉


It tastes delicious on pizza. I think that’s what most people use canned tuna for. But tuna is a wonderful protein source and that’s why it should be eaten much more often. I suggest, you mix a can of tuna with a freshly chopped onion and a little bit of crème fraiche et voilà: The perfect spread for a high-protein sandwich. In fact, a 3-ounce serving provides about 22 grams of protein or about 45% of the daily recommended intake for the average person.

Green Beans

Now, here comes the ultimate nutrient-champion: green beans got it all! Fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium and folate … you could probably live off green beans alone. But don’t try it, I’m not an expert! What I am an expert in, however, is taste and that is one of the best qualities of green beans. They are great in salad or along with other roasted veggies. If you are looking for further canny food inspirations, just click here. You won’t be disappointed!

Those are only five examples of super nutritious and delicious canned superheroes. My sister won’t be as thrilled about this housewarming present as I am, I’m afraid … but it is about time to teach her better. Now, I’m off sewing some little superhero capes for all those cans. They definitely deserve them, don’t you think?

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I can’t decide which of the heroes above is my favourite … what about you? What’s your favourite canned food?

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