So that was Christmas, then. Done. Once again. Was it as stressful for you as it was for me? Yeah well, things are going to get much easier soon because we are all going to do our preparation much earlier next year. And while we’re at it, we’re going to stop smoking, reduce drinking, work out more, eat out less. Sound good? But here’s the thing though, just like me, you’re probably not going to do any of that. That’s what’s great about New Year’s resolutions: They make you feel good before you start acting on them and when you don’t, there’s no feeling bad about yourself because everyone else is failing on owning up to theirs as well.

But why are we like that? Why can’t we just stop smoking or reduce drinking? Work out more, eat out less? I have the answer for you and you probably won’t like it: Because it’s hard! Resolutions like that have the potential to turn your life around and that is why they’re a lot of work. But what if I told you that there are New Year’s resolutions that are not much work at all? They’ll not only make you feel better about yourself but are good for the environment as well!

I have three words for you: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reducing is kind of self-explanatory (if not, try listening to Jack Johnson’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”), so I’ll skip that one and start with reusing:

There are tons of great thing, you can make out of cans and other pieces of packaging, e.g. you can spray paint your (hopefully) empty and rinsed cans and make yourself some neat pen holders.

Or you can nail them onto a wooden pole, put it in your garden and plant some herbs inside.

Why not make candle holders out of empty yoghurt boxes?

You might even take it a step further and build a candle out of an old light bulb. I bet that none of your friends has anything like that.

There’s really no limit to reusing old stuff that would otherwise land in the trash. And even if you don’t feel like making something out of old cans, try recycling. I’m sorry, don’t try recycling, just recycle! Do it. It’s really simple. And from my personal experience, recycling saves you a lot of hassle. If you separate your waste, you won’t have to take out the trash as often as you do now. Don’t ask me why, it just works. Trust me, I’ve been there.

So what’s holding you back? Start reducing, reusing and recycling and show us what you’ve made out of your trash.

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