Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! It’s the time when everything awakes from the dark and cold winter. The days become longer and the sun starts to shine gently upon you. Little green buds change the appearance of the nature into something fresh and new. For us, it’s an inner desire to go outside while the nature awakes. So, why not prepare your garden or balcony to get in touch with this wonderful spring atmosphere? We will show you the must-haves for your garden equipment and how to beautifully decorate it with some upcycled metal packaging.

Garden Caddy

Are you annoyed of carrying your garden tools one by one? Would be pretty nice to have a fancy caddy for that, right? And you don’t need to spend a lot of money at a garden center. Instead, make something unique! Take some empty food cans and a plank, which is twice as high as the cans. You have to saw a hole into the upper part of the plank – it will be the caddy’s handle. If you like an eye-catching caddy, paint the plank your favorite color. Glue the cans around the plank’s bottom – and that’s it. Put your garden tools into the caddy or use your creation as a beautiful decoration piece with small flowers and plants in it.

Garden Markers

Spring time is seeding time! But if you’re not a professional gardener you will not know what you have seeded when the green crowd of thin sprouts will rise up. Simple solution: Use can lids and write the name of your seeded flowers, herbs or plants on it. With an old fork you can place the informative and good-looking garden marker next to the implanted seeds and you will always know what will grow in the flower bed.

Garden Hose

If you want to create your own resort, a green oasis for yourself, there is one thing you always have to do: Plants and flowers are thirsty creatures, so you have to water them regularly. It can be a pretty annoying task if your garden is big and you would prefer laying in the shadow . Why not use garden hoses then? To be sure that the essential water will be reachable for every little plant, the garden hose top made out of cans will spread the water and will help you make your dream of your own green resort come true.

Are you a garden freak as well? We’d love to see your green creativity. Tell us about your garden or balcony and how you care for your plants and flowers. Just leave us a comment below!

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