I LOVE frames and calendars and all this cute stuff you can do with pictures! My whole flat is full of beautiful photos of my friends and family. There can’t be enough. And I love cans and what I can do with them; be it yummy food, lovely decorations or helpers for a stressful day. Then I saw how I can express my love for cans with another kind of home decor: tin can lids in a frame! What’s best about it? You can decorate it however you like! So, what about showing some LOVE?

I used four tin can lids for the four letters L.O.V.E. and put them in a frame I like.

Here’s What You Need For Love:

  • A frame
  • 4 tin can lids
  • A picture for the background
  • Ribbon
  • Nice (construction) paper to cut off the letters
  • A scissor
  • Glue

This is How You Do It:

  • Cut off the tin can lids. You need four of them to spell LOVE.
  • Cut off the letters you need, for example L.O.V.E. They need to be in a size that fits with the tin can lids. I used a construction paper in a modern wall look. You can get these papers in nice colours and it’s much stronger than normal paper.
  • Glue the letters on the tin can lids.
  • Take the ribbon and tie it on the tin can lids.
  • Take the paper you want to use as a background and glue the other end of the ribbon on the edges, so the tin can lid hangs on it. You can cut the ribbon in different length to give the tin can lids different positions in the frame.
  • Put it all together in a beautiful frame and show some love!

It’s as easy as it’s beautiful, right? I think I will do much more of them. What about a bigger frame with the words CANS FOR LIFE? 😉

Tin cans are perfect for DIYs and lovely home decor! What’s your favourite kind of canny decoration?

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