New year, old dreams, new resolutions? Well, no. In the past years my resolutions always came down to this one big dream of mine: making our family house a cosy home. It’s obvious that transitioning a house from a mere place to live into a wellbeing-zone is a big task. And that’s why I failed: too big the task, too big the effort, too high the costs. You know what I’m talking about.

But this year I will succeed and finally make my dream come true. Curious about the HOW?


First, I broke down this one massive dream into several small resolutions.  Second, I decided to pick one ingredient – a simple, everyday item – to serve as the main tool in each resolution. Additionally, this tool will help keeping effort and costs low and can be found (nearly) everywhere so to remind me of what I want to achieve. The tool of my choice? Cans!  Let me introduce you to my making-a-home- plus some more can-do-with-cans-resolutions.

1. Cans for more cosiness

Decoration doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Lanterns, for example, can be produced just within a few minutes and they bring cosiness to every room.
What you need:
–    cans 
–    permanent markers
–    hammer 
–    nails
Start with removing tags, glue and lid and clean the cans. Then draw the desired pattern onto the can. Nail the pattern into the can by using the hammer and nails. Done! 

2. Live a healthier lifestyle

As a working mum time is rare. This is why I will put more canned veggies on the menu. Not only are they nutritive but they are also delicious, plus don’t need hours of preparation.


3. Work towards the long-desired garden

Unfortunately, I haven’t been given a green thumb. But to get my green oasis eventually, I’ve decided to give myself some time and practice, thus to begin with something easy: spices in cans. I will just need to buy some 800 g-cans, remove tags, glue and lid and clean the cans thoroughly. Then hammer three or four holes into the bottom. Finally, I can fill my cans with soil and seeds. Delicious!

4. Make someone else happy

Be it the homeless shelter around the corner or the animal centre in my town, organisations are grateful for every help they can get. So why not donate some canned food? This one I can already tick off my list!

You see, with cans there are no excuses to drop your plans in 2017. What are your can-do-with-cans-resolutions?

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