Food is everywhere and it is always on everyone's mind or in our mouths. For some it is a meal that is worthy of #foodporn, whilst others focus on what is in the food in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Those who are health conscious should know that the Can Manufacturers Institute has found that 9 out of 10 people think that proteins are vital to feel satisfied after a meal. Sounds logical, right? Well that's only half of the story.

First things first

Before we can understand the importance of this topic we first have to get back to basics. Along with carbs and fats, proteins are one of the most important macro-nutrients and have some superpowers! For example proteins help to support our immune system, metabolism and are vital building block in helping us to build muscles.

Proteins are made up of amino acids and there are 22 different types of amino acids in total. However our bodies can only produce 13 types of amino acids itself, therefore the rest has to be provided from our food. And this is where the cans come into play …

Where to find proteins

So where can we find those 9 missing proteins? Well, foods such as chicken, beef, fish and soy are all high in protein and contain those missing amino acids. You don’t need to be a top chef to prepare a yummy meal with those ingredients. Most of these sources of protein can be found in cans and if you are looking for some inspiration for simple and healthy dishes, then you don't need to look any further than the chart below!

Bon Appetite!

What is your favourite recipe with canned food? Leave us a comment below to show us your skills in the kitchen. If you need inspiration, you can find some great recipe ideas here and here.

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