In Germany, everyone knows the tingling on the tongue and the blue sailor on the package: What we’re talking about is Ahoj Brause! 92 years ago was the birth of Ahoj Brause and since then children and adults alike love the colorful, delicious sherbet. No matter whether it is dissolved in water as lemonade or pure out of the bag, we all have childhood memories with the fizzy powder. Me too! 😉 New ones are now being created with the ready to drink Ahoj Brause in the can. Yes, you’ve read right! If you like the Ahoj Brause powder, you will probably love the lemonade in the can.

So cool that I had the chance to talk to Jörg Harders who is with Columbus Drinks responsible for the marketing of the new canned Ahoj Brause. I asked him three questions about this new colorful beverage.

Everyone knows Ahoj Brause as sherbet powder: How did the idea of Ahoj Brause in the can come up?

We at Columbus Drinks love to constantly think about new beverage concepts. One of these ideas was to develop the brand Ahoj Brause further, which had first been introduced in Germany in 1925. We developed the product and packaging design in line with the brand owner, Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG – within only six months. Since May 2017 we now offer Ahoj Brause in the varieties woodruff, raspberry, orange and lemon in the 0,33l can.

What made you choose cans as a packaging material?

The can provides the best protection for our products and allows for a higher quality in comparison to another packaging. It is also superior in national and international distribution because of its low weight. Which means we can save energy during transportation. In addition, the recycling rate for cans is 98 percent. And of course, the can offers amazing design possibilities.

Last but not least, I would like to know: Which flavor of the Ahoj Brause lemonade is your favourite?

Even as a child, I liked “licking” lemon so it’s no surprise that it is also my favorite Ahoj Brause in the can.


Do you have as much appetite for the tingling refreshment as we do now? Then take part in our raffle. For the chance to win 1 of 10 sets all you have to do is tell us in the comments, which is your favorite flavour.



  1. Jaz Holton Reply

    OMG! I grew up in Germany where Ahoy is a kids staple.
    I’m Team Waldmeister all the way ❤️❤️

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