Sun is out, holiday season has come and I’m preparing for my vacation! My sister and I have been planning and looking forward to our trip for what feels like a year, and the time has finally come. With our backpack and sturdy shoes we’ll take on the mountains. I just finished my packing list and – no surprise – cans play a big role on it!

Canned Drinks

 Drinks are a must in my bag! Hiking can be very strenuous and as our fingers are crossed that the sun will be out, staying hydrated is very important. Cans are good to stow and the drinks can be kept cool for longer than other packaging materials. Furthermore, cans are much more sustainable and you’ll avoid using plastic bottles and contributing to plastic pollution. Another way canned drinks benefit hikers is that they’re light to transport after drinking the content. Just put the can back in your backpack and sort it at your next stop. The weight is extremely important, when you go out backpacking! Trust me, every gram is important. 😀

Canned Food

It‘s no secret that you burn plenty calories when you exercise. Of course, this is also true when you’re backpacking. After an exhausting day out in the mountains my mouth’s watering just thinking of food. And by bringing canned food my sister and I can have our meal ready in no time. I know that canned ravioli are among the most popular food when it comes to camping. But there is more than that, just like when going to festivals, you can eat delicious food out of the can.

Aerosol Sun Blocker

Hiking means being outside all day long but never ever without sun blocker! Take some sun blocker out of the can with you. The hands stay clean and you can distribute the sunscreen evenly. Important: remember to reapply it when you’re sweating.

Anti-Bug Spray

… Why Sometimes Being Rejected is a Good Thing. I guess every hiker is familiar with how irresistible a mountain lake looks after hours of trekking. But better put an insect repellent in your bag if you plan to take a swimming break. In summer mosquitoes seem to come in flocks wherever water is around. If you loathe those winged fellows as much as I do make sure to have an anti-bug spray with you. I promise that it makes you really unappetizing.


Uphill or downhill, it will make you sweat for sure. So you also should think of a deodorant in your bag. My sister will be thankful, after all we share one tent. 😀

Can Safe

Furthermore, I have a funny gadget that will help to hide cash, keys, jewellery or other valuables. A can safe looks like a normal ravioli or ice tea can which is splash-proofed, has a secret compartment and even a deceptive authenticity original weight. Really cool, isn’t it? 😉

I guess, I’m prepared now to finally leave for holiday! 🙂

What will your holiday look like and do you have more ideas for using the can on tour?

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