Have you ever dreamt of having superpowers? And with superpowers I don’t mean some weird cosmic ray coming from your eyes or flying like a bird. I mean real strength – super human strength. Just recently I moved out of my old apartment. I had to carry boxes full of stuff I should have thrown out years ago – first three flights of stairs down and then two up again. After a lot of cursing and sweating I sat down in the stairway and started to think …

“Why can’t I become stronger whenever I want?” I asked myself. This whole moving out and in would be way easier for me. If you know me, I’m not really a fitness freak who goes to the gym every day and constantly works out. Nah. I rather enjoy the leisure side of life. But wait! When I was a kid I absolutely loved to watch cartoons and one really stood out in that very moment: Popeye, the friendly and strong sailor! All he needed was a can full of delicious spinach and he would become stronger and faster in the blink of an eye. I was already fantasising about simply lifting up the entire building and moving it to where I wanted to live, when I realised I neither had a can of spinach on me nor does the healthy green vegetable give these kind of superpowers in real life (besides tasting super good).


But in every story there is always a little truth: What the creators of Popeye were referring to, is that in canned spinach all the healthy and good nutrients are preserved without any added preservatives. Bear in mind that Popeye was created in 1919, when preserving food was still a major issue. It is true though that canned spinach might not give you unlimited strength but it feeds your body with a lot of vitamin A, C, K, magnesium, and iron. That’s something to start with, right? And even better: Spinach helps rejuvenate the cells and makes your skin look fresh and young (isn’t eternal youth a superpower in itself?).


Back to my boxes and me contemplating why I’m not fitter. I was still exhausted and no canned spinach in sight. In that very moment a friend of mine showed up and offered to carry the heavy boxes with me. Thank god for that! But next time I’ll make sure to have some spinach with me when I’m moving. 🙂

Which superpower would you like to have? And what is your super food? Please leave your comment below!

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