Watch out! Watch out while crossing the streets, watch out while grocery shopping and watch out when walking into your colleague’s office. Because they’re e-ve-ry-where: People meeting up to play Pokémon Go. Instead of meeting them, I should use “run into them”. Since the release of the app a few weeks ago, it’s an on going trend and probably will be for the next months. That’s what I call a hype!

But what options do you have when you haven’t started the game yet and have decided to not even begin with? Well first I’d say that you should overthink your prejudices and try to understand all the self-titled Pokémon maters, who play it. Because there is probably a reason why so many people are playing it, right? I have to admit that I don’t play it myself. Whoops! Shame on me. But the pro arguments aren’t so bad at all. At least people go outside and start walking around and discover their cities and maybe see it from a different angle. That’s at least something, right?

Secondly you can have a look at what others do in the context of Pokémon. People play card games, go to events to exchange cards or watch series with Pokémon. Or they create decorative stuff with Pokémon. Have a look at how creative people can be. Impressive. Thumps up for all those cool ideas! 🙂

What’s your opinion about Pokémon Go? Do you play it or like me avoid it? Let me know and leave a comment!

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