Have you ever come across something that just left you breathless? This happened to me when I spotted the “Opera of Water and Dreams” in Greece. Haven’t you heard of it? Then let me tell you everything about it. The story of this amazing building starts with Leandros Spartiotis, an 85-year-old can enthusiast, artist, photographer and designer from Greece. Over the course of three years, he traveled his home country to collect colorful recyclable beverage cans for his can building project.

Opera of Water and Dreams

The can opera is definitely a beacon at the Pefkakia beach in Preveza! From the more than 30,0000 cans Leandros gathered, he created the impressive opera house, which is 30 meters long and eight meters high – can you imagine! Overall it covers 200 m2 made from only cans. The sight of the “Opera of Water and Dreams” is not just stunning because of the thousands of recycled cans, but also because of the spectacular light effects. Located next to a Venetian bastion the eight-meter colossus reflects on the water surface leaving you just with dropping jaws. This fully-fledged opera is one of its kind since it has been the only real (in terms of usable) opera house in the world made only of a permanent material, namely recyclable cans.

Speaking of usable: Since its inauguration on 30th July last year, real performances by the national opera artists and concerts, such as this one from Rodotopi Guitar Orchestra, took place at this unique scene.

The usage of the can building also highlights the idea behind it: Leandros wants to bring the cans back to life since as a permanent and recyclable material they acquire a second life cycle by decorating the colorful and spectacular opera house. He highlights that aluminum beverage cans are made of a material, which needs some effort to be produced. If we would just throw it away without recycling it, we will as well throw away our own efforts. For Leandros “the priority was to send out a message about recycling and then demonstrate that we can continue to create at a low cost in difficult times […] since spending a lot of money does not always lead to beautiful things.”

I totally agree with him with a little hint to our DIY section (LINK) on the blog! Have a look and find some interesting projects for you.

How do you like the “Opera of Water and Dreams”? Do you know of any other can buildings? Let us know in the comments below.


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