With Christmas just around the corner, I’m starting to rack my brains on the perfect Christmas dinner, how to fit nine people into a one-square-metre apartment, and, of course, Christmas presents. It’s getting harder every year to find the perfect gifts for my family. A couple of years ago I’ve already switched to activities like theme parks instead of material things. The problem is that there comes a moment in time, when there is not one activity left that we haven’t done together yet. And that moment is now …

But instead of raiding the shops in town like a maniac, I’ve decided to first of all deal with another problem – procrastination FTW! When I’ve got presents (at some undefined moment in the future), I will have to wrap them, too. So, being an outstanding pragmatic, I organised my messy ribbon-drawer in case I will find gifts in time. And you won’t believe what’s coming in handy for this enterprise: CANS!

Here’s my super easy but helpful DIY ribbon organiser!

What You Need:

  • 1 empty can (surprise, surprise!)
  • Crop-a-dile
  • Eyelets
  • Paint and other decoration (whatever makes your heart pound!)

It’s Time to Craft!

  • First and worst step: It’s time to deal with all those entangled ribbons that you collected over the years, so that you can move them to their new home, once you’re done with this DIY.
  • Remove the label from your tin can. Make sure to use a safety can opener, so that there are no sharp edges. (That’s important to keep in mind for all of our DIYs!)
  • Use the crop-a-dile to create holes in your can. We placed them in a straight line, but feel free to place them wherever you’d like.
  • Add the eyelets to the holes. (This is an optional step, but I think it looks much better with them and also the ribbons don’t get damaged.)
  • Let your creativity run free and decorate the hell out of your can. Paint it in your favourite colour, add some glitter or artificial gems to it, until you like the look.
  • Final step: insert ribbons. Make sure that they don’t get entangled when you place them inside the can. Thread the ribbons through your eyelets and you’re done. I proudly present: my canny DIY ribbon organiser!

Pro-Tip for Organising Your Wrapping Stuff

Smaller cans are perfect to stop wrapping paper from unrolling itself. All you have to do is remove the bottom and lid and use the body of the can to fix the paper in place like a ring.

Now that I’m done with the organisation part, I should really head to the mall and buy some gifts … or I could empty some more tin cans and cook a yummy chickpea soup. I mean, hey! It’s getting really cold outside …

Cans are the perfect little helpers to keep stuff organised. What do you use them for?

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