As a pet owner, there are many questions you hear over and over. People wonder about its education, what tricks you taught your dog or about the situation at home. But there is one question I hear the most: “What are you feeding your dog?” The variety is huge and I think that is one reason why this is a big topic among dog owners. As far as I am concerned, I choose canned pet food because it offers good quality and cans are perfect for all food, not just for pets. Let me explain why!

1. Quality Food from the Can

You can get wet food in bowls, bags or cans, but I prefer canned food because for many reasons. If you inform yourself about the shiny metal cans, you will learn that they are the ultimate packaging solution for all sorts of food. For animals as well as humans. Cans ensure a long shelf life, even at slow cooker temperatures. Furthermore, the lightproof material keeps the vitamins in the vegetables and meat, Thus, your pups will live a long, healthy life! By the way, they are also robust, easy to take up on trips and they look nice, don’t you think?

2. More Meat, Fewer Carbs

If you compare canned food to dry food, the canned food usually has a higher amount of meat. As a result, the pets are able to cover a greater need for animal proteins in one meal. Dry food, respectively, has more carbohydrates, which, used as a binder, holds the food together in the little pellets. Although carbohydrates are digestible by the dog up to a certain degree, it stresses the dog’s body when it is too much.

3. Canned Pet Food Has Fewer Preservatives

Canned food is naturally preserved through the canning process, whereas dry food is not. But what’s the problem with preservatives? For one thing, many preservatives in cheaper pet foods are not naturally-derived. They’re non-foods that would never naturally occur in your pet’s food. Most provide no other nutritional benefit to your pet’s food other than making it last a long time on the shelf. Furthermore, preservatives may actually harm your pet. Some common preservatives, such as nitrates or nitrites, are known carcinogens. There are other options out there. Choose foods with natural preservatives whenever possible, or go the no-preservative route with canned food immediately.

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Fresh Meat in Canned Pet Food // Image: Shutterstock

4. Fresher Meal

I’ve mentioned the fact that canned food contains fewer preservatives than dry food, but actually, it`s also much fresher. Have you ever noticed how interested your pet is in a brand new bag of food? Doesn’t the first bowl seem to disappear faster than usual? A new bag is exciting, but it also tastes a lot better, too. Canned food can give your dog or cat that freshness nearly every day. Unlike a bag of dry food, which is often opened and used within a few weeks to a month, a can of dog food is used up within days. That makes every bite taste fresh.

5. Canned Pet Food is Just Tastier

But there is more to it than freshness. Wet food simply tastes better. With a stronger, more natural flavour, canned pet food is better suited for picky eaters, as well as senior dogs who have lost their sense of taste with age. Where does this great taste come from? It comes from the high meat protein content of canned food, I mentioned earlier.  Because canned food is made from more actual meat and fewer carbohydrates, it generally doesn’t contain artificial flavours or colours, either, as many dry dog foods do.

6. Enhanced Variety

Canned pet food, by its packaging alone, lends itself better to feed your pets a varied diet. The selection is big and comes in many sizes. The small portioned cans offer the opportunity to taste a lot. Contrary to popular opinion, changing up your pet’s food does more good than harm. Letting your dog or cat sample different flavours and brands of food will expose them to more naturally-occurring nutrients and encourage openness to try new foods.

7. Promote Weight Loss

The moisture content of canned food is not just beneficial to your pet’s hydration. High moisture content in foods can help pets feel full, which is essential for weight loss. We’ve already mentioned that wet food contains more protein. This key ingredient is also helpful for pets who want to maintain muscle but lose pesky fat. Protein takes longer to digest, so your pet will feel full longer. If your pet is overweight, switching to wet food is often enough, rather than trying extra diet food.

8. Reduce Bloat

The causes for a bloat are still not fully understood, but researchers found that dry food is a risk. Wet food doesn’t absorb as much liquid in the stomach, which makes pets fed canned diets less likely to experience bloat. Also, due to its very nature, canned food is more difficult to gulp, which is a leading cause of bloat. If your dog is prone to bloat – usually large, barrel-chested breeds, such as Great Danes, or dogs with family members who had a bloat – you may want to incorporate more canned food into your canine’s diet.

9. Canned Pet Food is Easy to Digest

Since most canned pet food is smooth, your dog will not have to chew well to break it down, which makes it more suitable for dogs who gulp or frequently get indigestion. The high moisture content and soft texture of wet food make it ideal for dogs with digestive difficulties or an upset stomach. Feed wet food before dry when your dog is recovering from a stomach virus for an easier transition. Young puppies, who have recently been weaned will find wet food easier to digest than a dry kibble diet alone, as well. If your pet is recovering from illness or has a sensitive stomach, canned food may be the best choice.

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So, this is why my pup gets canned food! She is happy, and then so am I. What are you feeding your pets?

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