New Year’s Eve is coming up. Thus, you have to think about your New Year’s resolution. Do you have any plans for next year, do you want to change anything in your life or is there a thing you could do better? Of course, it’s always difficult to think about this. But now you are with us. We’ll show you how to achieve your goals for next year and what cans can do for you in this case. You will see, it’s easy and fun as long as you follow our DIY-tips. You can’t believe it? See for yourself!

Tip 1: Keep order

It’s easy to keep order as long as you have the help of a handful of cans. Collect some empty cans in different sizes. Make sure that all cans are completely clean before you use them for this. And now it’s time for your creativity. With special color for metal products you can create a new look for your cans. After painting you will need a special metal glue to stick your cans together. When the glue has dried you are the proud owner of a fancy organization system.

Tip 2: Work out more

Are you a little bit lazy as well? Do you want to become fitter? This is the right moment for a change because you have cans with you. For this project you need empty and cleaned cans including the lid. Fill the empty cans with sand and lock them together by sticking the lid on top. Use these unique dumbbells for your workout.

Cans for Life - dumbells made out of cans
Cans for Life – dumbells made out of cans

Tip 3: Stop smoking

Even if stop smoking is your New Year’s resolution cans can be your partner. The most supporting thing in this is the knowledge of the money you’ll save. Use an empty can to create an unique piggy bank. Lock the empty can with a piece of fabric or a thin paper and put this on the can with a rubber band. In this kind of a lid you have to make a small cut. Now you’re able to collect the money you’ll save in this can. And it’s true: There is no better sound than shaking your fancy, full money box.

How about you? What kind of New Year’s resolutions do you have? And do you have any other ideas how cans can be included? Leave us a comment about it.

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