And here they are: Amanda and Işil, our two ladies of September and October! These two adorable young women are the first part of our MYCans campaign. We wanted to get to know people, whose daily life wouldn’t work if there were no cans to use, better. So, as you can imagine, both are depended on cans – but in a good way, of course.

A young woman & her early dreams

Işil is really passionate about her job, as the idea of becoming a hairstylist already grew when she was very young. At the age of seven she started creating the most amazing hairstyles for her schoolmates. Growing older she knew for sure that there was no way around a career as a professional hairdresser.

And today Işil owns her own business: She opened her salon in Brighton (UK) and already has three employees. “I was always unsure about opening my own business, but now I am just happy that I had the courage to do it“. Certainly, there is still work to do on a Saturday evening or Sundays, but it’s just natural to Işil. „It seems like, when you found something you really care (and maybe live) for, you don’t ask yourself about the amount of effort you put into it“, she says happily.  

When I asked her, what’s the „magic moment“ of her job, she replied that she loves the smile on people’s faces, when they leave her salon with a fresh and new haircut or -colour. Of course she already experienced hairstyles fall apart because of missing hairspray. Her advice to other trainees in her business is: “There can’t be enough hairspray to fix someone’s hairstyle!”

Işil can’t imagine a life and her job without aerosols – they really belong to her like scones belong to tea.


Amanda’s voluntary work

Amanda is a volunteer, who works at an animal shelter. She started working for the organisation when she was 19 years young. After she had left school, she felt the need of doing something parallel to her studies. Because she wasn’t allowed to have a dog in her flat, she decided to working in the shelter close to her university.

What she really likes about her work is that the animals accompany her the whole time. Her secret favourite is Nala, a golden retriever, which stayed at her side from the very beginning. “I really enjoy my work with the animals. They are so easy to handle and loving. Additionally, sometimes it’s nice to not talk, and focus on your job. A dog will never tell you’re wrong,” says Amanda laughing to her engagement as a volunteer.


But of course it has to be mentioned that animal care only works because of people’s support, such as the monthly donations of food cans. Before I visited Amanda I really did underestimate the dependence on donations. So, make sure you also donate some cans to an animal organisation from time to time (Christmas is a perfect time for that ;-)).

I’m curious what’s your “can” moment? How often do you use a tin can or an aerosol per day?

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