Thank God, it’s February! We love this month so much because award season starts now. If there’s just one thing almost as good as cans, it’s seeing your favorite actors walk the red carpet. On February 28th, one of the biggest and most glamorous award events opens its doors: the Oscars. A gleaming avenue of tall golden men will surround the red carpet and the most famous and most influential entertainment stars will pass hundreds of cameras and journalists. The most frequently asked questions is: What do you wear and who made your make-up and hair?

Of course, the stars have big teams of experienced stylists who do nothing else but make them look incredible all the time. But don’t despair! We will show you ways to look even better than the stars just by using different types of metal packaging. Ready for a new style? Here we go!

The dress

Wearing the same dress as another guest is the worst thing that can happen at an event like the Oscars. To prevent this, choose an outfit that is unique. Like these amazing dresses made from reused metal packaging.

The accessories

Guys, you know: The accessories are almost as important as the dress. If you didn’t know, congrats! Now you’ve learned something essential to survive in this crazy world of red carpets and flashlights.

Necklaces, bracelets, and bags can be individual like you. Especially, if they are made out of metal packaging. The Italian designer from Dalaleo creates beautiful bags and jewelry out of pull tabs. We are pretty sure: With these unique accessories you will be the shining metal star on the red carpet.

The hair

No time (or money) to get your hair done by a professional hairdresser? We might have good news for you! Cans may help you in a cheap and easy way to style your hair for a breathtaking look. Use small food cans and wrap your wet hair strand by strand around the cans. Use a hairdryer or let your hair dry in the air and unwrap the cans after that. It’s an inventive method and it doesn’t take much time, so you’re able to do other things while your hair becomes more and more incredible.


Now you’re set up for the Oscars and every other fancy event with a red carpet. Do you like our Oscar tips? Do you have fashion tips that we didn’t think of? Leave us a comment below.

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