It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s not just some catchy Christmas carol lyrics but also very much the case. Christmas time is full of wonders. For example how I am able to avoid doing anything while at my parents’ without being called out for it, when I’m miraculously gaining ten pounds over what feels like three minutes, or when the Cleveland Browns managed to finally win a game last Christmas Day. The list goes on. Christmas miracles are everywhere to be found. You better start looking now or you might miss them. So that’s it for now. Let us just wish you a merry Christmas in the canniest way possible: Christmas graffiti.

His smile says it all. Santa is really excited about the next couple of days. And so are we because this beauty was painted with cans.

“Take me with you, Rudolph!” Who hasn’t imagined flying to the North Pole and hang out at Santa’s?

This one looks more like an oil painting than a graffiti. It’s stunning, again and again, what beautiful art can be created with aerosol cans.

Rudolph’s looking really tired in this one. Fortunately, he has almost a year to recover. Good for you, buddy.

Why do we even celebrate Christmas? Ah yeah right, it’s the day that Jesus was (allegedly) born. Thanks for the reminder, unknown Camden Town street artist.

(image credits:digitus_malus)

Frosty looks amused. And rightly so. Merry Christmas, everyone!

One of the less spectacular, yet more beautiful aerosol paintings. I’d be really excited to see a painting like this on my city’s subway train.



The incredible amount of detail truly speaks to the artist’s ability to masterfully create imagery with not much more than a couple of spray paint cans and a wall. Plus, it kind of lets us see past the amateurish attempt of these so called street artists to disfigure the painting with their tags.

Pugs are awesome and that’s all I have to say to this one!

From all of us here at Cans for Life, we wish you a merry Christmas!

Image Source Featured Image: Shutterstock

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