Tis the season: Yeah, Christmas is right around the corner but before Santa will bring you all kinds of gifts that no one really wants or needs, another special day is here. Today the new Star Wars movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is released in theaters around the world. For all die-hard Fans of the franchise, it makes their hearts grow fonder. We haven’t seen the movie yet but we love the story of R2-D2, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and can’t wait to see it soon (with a cold beverage in a can, duh!). To make the waiting period shorter for you and maybe even inspire you for some cool Star Wars themed Christmas gifts, we collected the funniest, coolest, and weirdest merchandise products.

1. Campbell's Star Wars soups

To start a Star Wars marathon off, what could be better than a hot and steamy soup? Right, it will also maybe make you fall asleep through horrible Episode 2, so you can enjoy the other parts better. Campbell’s came up with a special Star Wars themed product line of soups and spaghettis – all in beautifully designed Star Wars cans. So, dig in and remember: “Hunger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side.”

2. Pepsi's Star Wars exclusive can set

Yes, if you are a respectable company, you bring out a special Star Wars themed product line. At least it looks like that, when you see which companies came up with unique Star Wars designs for the products. If you can spare $ 140 or you are just one of those collectors that need to have everything from the Star Wars universe, you can find all 24 Star Wars Pepsi cans in a pretty collector’s box. Yup, you heard right: The cans came in a special box. Unfortunately all the cans are empty (the drink would have expired anyway since they came out 16 years ago) but they will definitely give you a lot of fandom credibility at the next comic convention.

3. Keep the force awaken with a vitamin drink

So, you had your fuzzy Star Wars soda but what about a drink that gives you energy (or force?) and your body all necessary vitamins? No problem, Star Wars has it all. This special vitamin drink does not only come in eight cool designs with your favorite characters but contains also everything you need to stay awake and strong for the next attack on the death star.

Cans for Life - Star Wars Fruit Punch
Cans for Life – Star Wars Fruit Punch

4. Cooler than a day on Hoth: The Star Wars mini fridge

You have the foods and drinks covered; all you need now is a place to keep your next beverage chilled. Look no further! This cool and fun mini fridge does not only take you back to Han Solo getting carbonized by the bounty hunter Boba Fett (yes, we are fans) but also keeps your drinks cool. Too good to be true? Not at all, you even get the brand new video game Star Wars Battlefront with it. Do I hear perfect Christmas present? Anyone?

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite Star Wars merchandise product? And what else should come in a Star Wars can? Let us know below and may the force be with you!

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