Finally, summer comes closer and what does that mean? Exactly, get outside again and enjoy the nice weather. The best way to do that for me is to spend time with friends, enjoy some food and good music! While a barbecue is quite easy to make, I also want to offer some entertainment for my guests and that demands some creativity.

Everyone knows the way garden parties proceed: your guests arrive, take a drink then sit and wait for some nice food. After they have taken a nice burger or a juicy steak, they mostly sit again to take a break from their meal. And there comes the opportunity to bring some action into the party. So last time I introduced the toss backyard game made from recycled tin cans to my guests. I can tell you, it was so fun and entertaining! It’s not so easy to hit the can with the small ball but after a while, you’ll get the right drive! If you also never really grew up and like competitions, you will love it, just as we did.

So here’s what you need to create your own canolympics! 😉 

What you need for your toss backyard game:

  • Four to five tin cans
  • Two big tin cans
  • A string
  • One kilo of mulch
  • Three limbs (Two thick and a thin one)
  • A nail
  • A hammer
  • A small ball

What you have to do: 

  1. First, fill two big tin cans with mulch until it is filled almost to the top. This is the basis holding for the limbs.
  2. Now you have to look for something to stabilize your cans on, like limbs! So choose two big limbs that have a branching and put them into the big tin cans.
  3. Watch out to make them stand straight because then you can put the thinner limb into the branching.
  4. In this step we’ll take care of our smaller tin cans: use a hammer and nail to knock two holes on the upper border of each can.
  5. Thread a string through two holes on opposite sides of the can to use as a hanger.
  6. Hang them from the limb. The only thing that’s missing is the ball. So get it and start the competition! May the best person win. 🙂

What are your ideas and favourite games for hanging out with your friends in the garden? Leave us your inspiration in the comments below. 


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