As your favourite lifestyle blog for metal packaging, we are continuously seeking new ideas and innovative ways to use cans and metal packaging in general. While there a dozens of different sized and shaped cans for a variety of drinks and foods, finding something different boxed in a metal container is a much more ambitious task to solve. But we wouldn’t be Cans for Life if our quest hadn’t been successful: recently, we came across the beautiful concept of the Beaver Creek Candle Company. As their name suggests, they are designing all kinds of fancy and unique candles you can imagine. The latest highlight they came up with are so-called Man Can Candles. This designation alone certainly doesn’t reveal too much, but why in the world would candles have to be made explicitly for men?

No Soup, but a Memphis Style BBQ

At first sight, each Man Can Candle appears to be a standard ten ounces soup can as we have all seen plenty of them before. But on the inside, you won’t look into the eyes of a delicious chicken noodle soup. In fact, you’ll find a simple and regular candle, which carries two nice additional features along with it. First, every single Man Can Candle is filled in a recycled can and is thus contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Second, Man Can Candles are perfumed. However, the candles the company came up with don’t spread the heavenly scent of vanilla or lavender, but rather smell like barbecue, cigars, and dirt – just anything men tend to like a lot. Simply true Man Can Candles!

Want to Smell Santa’s Beard? Here You Go

The scents available range from actually pleasing smells like coffee and fresh cut grass to rather bizarre fragrances like gun powder or Santa’s beard. Admittedly, I’ve never had the opportunity to take a smell at Santa’s beard (please inform me at all costs if you have!) and thus the rating of this scent is out of my responsibility, but the flavour of a New York style pizza is certainly something I can’t get enough of. Of course, the candles are primarily designed for the fun of us, but the company’s ingenuity and creativity definitely deserves a big shout-out.

Made by the Developmentally Disabled

Apart from the extraordinary product features, the Beaver Creek Candle Company pursues a good purpose: The organisation supports the developmentally disabled and focuses on their desire to shine as hard workers. Absolutely passionate about their work, the disabled people handcraft all of the products, making others happy and themselves feel proud of the work they have done. 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the workers and the operation of their facilities. Therefore, by buying one of their products you will not only purchase a unique canned candle, but also help people to earn financial independence. What are you waiting for? 😉

What do you think about these special canned candles? Do you consider buying one? Let us know your favourite scent in the comment section below.

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