In a world of infinite choice, standing out from the crowd is a tricky business for brands in every aisle of our shops. To catch a customer’s eye, you can’t just rely on price-slashing or gimmicks, you need to cultivate the right image. That’s why top-end paint brands like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Craig & Rose would never take chances with the look of their packaging. For them, only metal cans set the right tone.

Here are three ways that high-end paint companies make a statement, and why metal cans are all part of the premium package.

1. Style

When you are perusing the shelves of a DIY store, it’s hard not to notice a pretty pot of Little Greene or Craig & Rose. With beautiful, eye-catching designs on the tins, these companies join Farrow & Ball in bringing sophistication to the paint aisle. Brands like this work hard in every area of their marketing to showcase beautiful design – whether that’s in their colour charts, their paint cans or their brochures. They encourage their customers to visualise their newly decorated room, full of rich colour and a stunning finish. As well as fitting the image of these super-stylish brands, metal cans provide another quality that appeals to discerning customers who want to do their bit to save the planet. Unlike their plastic counterparts, you can recycle these metal marvels every time, and this handy video will show you how. Stunning interiors created by a product that’s earth-friendly? That’s a good look for anybody.

2. Quality

If you peruse the websites of this trio of paint pioneers, you’ll discover that they all pride themselves on quality. For Little Greene, it’s the high pigment levels in their paint that achieves a remarkable depth of colour. Meanwhile, Farrow & Ball talk about their curated palette, eco-friendly water base and rich pigments. At Craig & Rose, it’s all about celebrating their heritage with 1829 Vintage and Artisan ranges. They all know their customers want paint that lasts because it’s made with the best materials. Metal cans are all part of conveying that quality. It shows that these paint brands won’t compromise on the look of their product packaging and are committed to being eco-friendly by using cans that can be recycled endlessly, without loss of quality.

3. Premium

What’s wonderful about the marriage between premium paint and metal cans is how compatible they are. For a company like Farrow & Ball, their ideal customer isn’t after the cheapest emulsion they can lay their hands on, they want craftsmanship, durability and finish. They are looking for qualities in their chosen paint brand that match what they value. For some, that’ll be the paint’s eco-friendly credentials, for others it’ll be the expertise of the paint makers and others might adore the colour palette on offer. Premium paint just doesn’t feel right in any other packaging. Metal cans provide the quality feel that customers expect, have infinite recycling potential and deliver style and sustainability to the savvy homeowner. What’s not to love?

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