Following a vegetarian diet is much easier than you might think and there are numerous reasons why you should consider this lifestyle. To read all about the impact of your diet on climate change, check out this blog article. But there are many more reasons why a vegetarian diet is good for you and for the planet, ranging from ethical reasons to health aspects. But since the first step is always the hardest, here are some useful tips on how to start your veggie experience.

Tip #1: Start Slowly

Rushing things is almost never the right way to do something, especially when it concerns such major changes in your lifestyle. How about starting with one meat-free day per week or a whole meat-free week to get accustomed with your new diet? It might also help if you start adjusting your diet to a more vegetarian lifestyle before leaving out meat as a whole: start by adding more vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains to your meals and when you’ve gotten used to it, try a meatless day or two.

  Tip #2: Find Suitable Alternatives

Some people manage to switch from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet in the blink of an eye, but for some it’s hard to refrain from their feel-good foods like Grandma used to cook them. Research is key in order to find suitable alternatives for your Sunday bacon or your traditional spaghetti and meatballs. Get creative (and check out the veggie bloggers below)!

Tip #3: Do your Thing

The transition from a meat-eater to a vegetarian is the hardest for you personally, but don’t be surprised if other people who’ve seen you eat meat for most of your life feel affected by your decision or even take offense. Stay strong and find yourself a friend or even an online community who support your efforts. If the transition to a vegetarian diet takes you some weeks or months even, don’t feel pressured by others to rush things or to give up on your efforts.

Tip #4: Cook it Yourself

Before eating out, learn how to cook according to your new diet at home to get to know your own preferences. You might be surprised by some of the veggies you suddenly grow to love, but you’ll also learn some vegetarian substitutions that are not precisely your cup of tea. Tofu, for instance, takes a lot of skill to taste great. 😉 And if you decide to eat out, it’s best to check the menu online to make sure, there’s something on it that you can eat, as some cuisines are especially hard for vegetarians and vegans.

Tip #5: Grow a Thick Skin

There’ll probably always be people around that feel the urge to comment the life choices you make. Always remember: There’s no room for negativity in your life! No matter what’s your reasoning you choose for going vegetarian or vegan even – it’s your body and your choice. And if people decide to make jokes at your expense, counter or ignore.

You’re now desperate to start your veggie experience? Check out these vegetarian cozy fall recipes by veggie food blogger Francesca from Plantifully Based. Canned ingredients are the perfect protagonists for these food creations!

For even more inspiration, have a look at Francesca’s Instagram account or the channel of Luba aka cook.vegetarian: 

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Inspired by Taco Bell’s crunchwrap this is filled with all the creamy, gooey, savory, crunchy flavors and texture minus all the cruelty and animals products! FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO: FULL BLOG POST: I know a lot of you have made this and everyone who has so far has really loved it. Trust me it is definitely a good one. The blog post (link you can click on in IGTV description) has all the measurements and written out recipe. Hope you are all having a great Saturday sending lots of love xo Music is from #plantifullybased#whatveganseat#vegansofinstagram#veganfood#veganfoodporn#veganfoodie#veganeats#eatplants#eatyourveggies#healthyvegan#heresmyfood#eatyourcolors#herbivore#plantbased#veganlove#vegancommunity#veganrecipes#plantpower#eatyourgreens#cleaneatingideas#traderjoes#letscookvegan#snacks#teamvegan#govegan#feedfeedvegan#nachocheese#foodphotography#nachos

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And if you follow this link, you find a comprehensive list of healthy vegetarian food bloggers!

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