What started as an exciting holiday in Germany, ended in love – sounds like a Hollywood movie script, right? Just trust me, this really happened and summarises pretty well how Philippe Causse got to open his delicatessen shop in Berlin.

When I travelled to Germany’s capital for the very first time, I tried to visit every must-see tourist attraction possible. After I had visited the Kudamm, the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie, I was in desperate need of something to eat. And as a professional tourist, I tried to combine my sightseeing-tour along with finding a solution to satisfy my hunger. My way led me to the KaDeWe, where I wanted to get a simple, still tasty, cheese sandwich (one of my favourite snacks when I am traveling). But you won’t believe what I was told: they advised me to go to Maître Philippe & Filles, because they’re famous for their rich choice of cheese and some really “exotic” types of cheese.

So I started walking and after a ten minute walk I got there and entered the lovely shop: Within seconds I felt like I was in the middle of France, because of the French music, the shop assistant wearing a beret and the incredible amount of tiny items that were piled up. After a warm welcome from the man behind the showcase, he offered me a piece of fresh Savoyard ham (which is definitely more than “just cheese”). Of course I couldn’t refuse and tried this delicious treat. Yummy!


But there was something even more interesting waiting for me at the back of their deli. Let’s have a look!


I wasn’t just amazed by the amount of cans, but also by their beauty! So many different colours and labels that I couldn’t decide on which I wanted to get (of course I decided on buying something the second I entered the room).

And here’s what I got:



Show me your most beautiful can that is way too precious to just throw away!

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