In order to spread the love (and information, of course) for cans all across Europe, we regularly team up with national initiatives and organizations involved in the metal packaging business. This is why we were more than ready to be the fly on the wall at German Initiative Lebensmitteldose‘s blogger event under the motto “A Canny Christmas”.

It’s All About the Food

At the end of October, Sibylle and Andreas from Initiative Lebensmitteldose (ILD) welcomed Andrea from Zimtkeks und Apfeltarte, Filiz from Filizity , Sylvie from Sylvis Lifestyle, Michaela from herzelieb, Stephie from Meine Küchenschlacht, Sascha from Lecker muss es sein!, Sarah from Kinder kommt essen, and Frederik from Einfach NachschlagEn at the Food Hotel in Neuwied.

This location is Europe’s first-ever supermarket theme hotel and goes back to the city’s long tradition as training centre for the food retailing industry. Thanks to sponsorship arrangements with many brands such as Prinzenrolle or Ferrero the guests can enjoy rooms in the look and feel of a popular frozen pizza commercial, for instance. Our partner is sponsor of one of the meeting rooms as well. And this was where the party started after a welcoming dinner the evening before.

From the Field to the Can, or: From the Can to the Table

But business before pleasure! 😉 First, the bloggers learned about the idea and philosophy behind ILD. To put it in a nutshell for you: In the year 2000 several prestigious producers from the food and packaging industry joined forces to draw attention to the food cans’ benefits. Do you have an idea why the ILD’s magazine is called “Made for Food”? Especially when it comes to saving food, food cans rule! Plus, the participants also dipped into the history and the production process of cans.

Then, it was high time for some action, finally! So, we moved on to la cucina managed by the famous German TV cook Carsten Dohrs. The first impression: The cooking school was beautifully decorated with canned succulents. Just take a look! Don’t they look amazing?

This was the perfect moment for such lovely eye candy. After all, it’s no secret that you eat with your eyes first.

When our appetite had been whetted enough, the cooking kicked-off. The first course surprised us with caramelized sauerkraut from the can, self-made potato crisps, and salmon with horseradish. Following, the bloggers served biscuits from canned corn together with a saddle of venison, potato gratin, cranberries, and a morel sauce. The “Canny Christmas” menu was topped off with ice, cookies, mascarpone cream, and kumquats. Guess what? My mouth is watering again when thinking of these yummy treats. You feel the same? Let me know in the comments and we’ll do a follow-up blog article with all the recipes.

8 Different Interpretations of “A Canny Christmas”

Last but not least: Check out the blogger’s great articles to re-experience ILD’s “A Canny Christmas” event from diverse perspectives (don’t worry because they’re written in German – pictures are worth a thousand words).



  1. Hi Romina,
    thank you so much for sharing! What great event with a lot of informations! Sibylle and Andreas are amazing – we had a lot of fun!

    All the best,
    miho from herzelieb

    • Cans for life Reply

      Thank you so much, Michaela! We were very happy that you were a part of the event. Great talks!

      Best wishes,
      Romina from Cans for Life

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