Autumn is coming and I finally feel ready to leave summer behind. After so much sun, many ice creams and BBQs, it is about time to slow down a bit. When the leaves fall off the trees and it’s getting colder, our bodies start to calm down and we all need a rest. At this time of the year, I love spending my afternoons with a thrilling book and a hot cup of tea on my couch. The silence in my flat is what I like most when I want to rest and feel like being on my own. But after a few hours I already need to break out of my loneliness. Do you know that feeling of suddenly wanting company? Like now? Right now?

But what do you do when there is no one available within a second? Don’t worry, there will be someone who can calm you down and make you happy. Because what helps me most in this kind of situations is (surprise, surprise): food! At least it always works for me. Even when I am not hungry at all, I am able to conjure up a can of soup out of my cupboard: Fresh soup that warms from deep within. You only have to heat it up and et voilà the soup is ready for serving. These comfort moments when I sit cuddled up in my blanket with my hot soup bowl holding… priceless!

Since I began searching for more canned soups, I found more impressions, how people show their love towards canned soups and what there special moments with their beloved tin can look like. Furthermore here you will find some tips and tricks how to upgrade your soup.

What about you, do you have any special canned food moments? How do your favourites look like? 

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