Opposites attract, so they say and I have discovered the perfect combination of two opposites. Well, we do love cans. But in general, they are hard, cold and grey. Can you imagine combining them with soft and colorful socks? Does that fit together? Yes, actually perfectly as I got to know when I discovered the startup LemonSox. They got my attention in seconds. An exciting product, which I didn’t know yet. They started at the beginning of 2017 to sell their scented socks in cans. In which situations these socks can be particularly useful, you will read in the interview with Darius, co-founder of LemonSox, below. 

Socks and cans, how does that fit together?

This is actually a perfect match! It’s been a great surprise for us to find that one pair of socks slots together ideally with a tin can. Therefore they are a perfect liaison. We still think it’s really funny, unusual, and refreshing idea.

How did you get the idea of socks in cans? 

Since the invention of sealed tin cans, people have been trying to seal literally everything. Thus he thought, why not seal some socks, too?! However, we are proud pioneers of the scented and canned socks concept.  

We have noticed, that there are situations where you want/need to take off your shoes (at a friend’s place, while getting a massage, on a flight, in a long haul bus, you name it) but after a long day you don’t feel comfortable with the freshness of your socks. And that’s where the canned socks come in handy, you just go to the restroom and voilà! You’re all set. And the best part is that you can hide your used socks back into the can and bring it home safely, as LemonSox tin can comes with an additional plastic lid.  

Lemon Sox
Image: LemonSox

Why did you choose cans as packaging for your socks?

We have been looking for a unique packaging idea for our colorful socks and this thought came up as a result of quite a heavy brainstorming. Besides the surprise factor, there are some really practical features: cans are sturdy, light, reusable and recyclable. Plus you can create cool designs on them.

How do you get the scents in the cans and why did you decide to not just sell socks but scented socks?

Oh, it’s really simple: we just seal scented paper cards together with socks. And within a couple of days, the socks saturate with the scent. The scent is just a nice additional touch that comes hand in hand with the crazy idea of canned socks.  

Where do you get your inspiration for the designs?

The inspiration comes from various sources: nature, traditional folk patterns, paintings, and music. 

And privately, are you a can lover too?

Yes indeed! I always choose can over bottle, card or plastic! 

Cross your heart! What is your favorite design?

It depends on the mood. I really like them all, but if I would need to pick just one, I would go for MountainTops!

What are your plans for the future?

Oh, there are plenty of them. But the nearest plan is to add women/teenage sized socks to our range. 

What socks are you wearing today?

MountainTops! 🙂 

Darius LemonSox

What do you think about Cans for Life?

This is an extremely great initiative that I hope will bring together all can lovers! On the other hand, it shows the metal packaging in a different light and reveals some really outstanding creative ideas around cans.

Thank you so much for your time, Darius!

Have you seen our awesome cooperation with LemonSox? We’re hosting a design contest where you can become the designer of a special Cans for Life Sox edition. Click here to submit your design!

How do you like the socks in the can?

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