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Do you admire art as much as I do? But no matter how hard I try – I’m just not that kind of creative person. My career as an artist ended pretty much the day, my mother told me she won’t accept macaroni covered frames for Christmas presents anymore.  A few weeks ago, I discovered this incredibly talented artist named Julie Ann Stricklin, who makes the most amazing artworks out of natural material like rocks and metal. I had the chance to talk to her about her work as an artist, inspiration and – of course – the perfect can.

Julie Ann Stricklin

Hello Julie. Please describe yourself for our readers in a few sentences.

I am a commercial illustrator, graphic designer as well as fine artist that works in a variety of eclectic styles and media as well as a vast array of techniques, digital as well as traditional. I am Coastal and an avid yogi.

How and when did you come up with the idea to upcycling packages/cans?

An artist named Judy Salinsky gave the illy cans to another artist, Danny Salzhandler, who gave them to me. We all thought they were cool, but neither had the time to play with them. I made time and started selling them in galleries, shops and on-line. Now I do all kinds of tins people bring me, send me, or I find.

Would you describe yourself as a can lover? 

Yes, but mainly a huge upcycling and repurposing enthusiast, as most artists tend to be. Everybody I know hates to toss anything that can be used again. We like to keep things out of the landfill. Our hope is to eventually turn them into art and with luck, stunning functional artwork.

Have you always been creative?

Yes. From my first breath!

For your project, you mainly use materials like metal packaging or stones – how important are natural resources for you and your work?

Important. I like my surface to be functional or have an energy. I work on any surface, but my Meditation Rocks are an important and steady piece of my day. Rocks have energy to me. I have never been able to throw away a can, tin or even good box. Cigar boxes used to be a focus. I have a friend, artist & illustrator Bob Hord, who makes instruments with them!

What’s your favorite kind of can?

Solid, good shaped and tight lid. Illy coffee cans are great!

How long does it take from the idea to the finished artwork?

It depends. I work in layers and on more than one at a time. It may take days depending on how long it takes the paint on the cans to dry. In Southern California, tin cans dry quickly on a good day.

Do you exhibit your art somewhere?

Yes. My work shows every day in shops and galleries. My work has been available steady for years at First Street Gallery in Encinitas, CA, Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach Ca, Emerald C Gallery in Coronado, CA as well as 14 shops in Tx, Ca, HI.

Thank you so much for your time, Julie!

For all those, who want to learn more about Julies amazing work, please visit her artist website and her office website.

Please also follow her on Instagram 

How do you like Julie’s artwork? Are you a creative person?

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