Well ain’t that just beautiful? Our friends in Heinz UK have made a commercial using Heinz Beanz cans as instruments. They’re knocking, tapping, hitting and patting on the famous piece of metal packaging, all while singing joyful lyrics.

Sounds familiar? At first sight, it reminded me of Anna Kendrick’s cup song for the movie “Pitch Perfect”. Yes, I’ve seen that movie, just like any other millennial guy being in a relationship. And I don’t even regret it. No, my girlfriend didn’t force me to write that last sentence. So anyways:

The clip is part of a charitable event, of the “Global’s Make Some Noise” campaign. Heinz Beanz will donate £100,000 to the charity which is a great gesture; large amounts of money in the hands of charities is always a good thing! Beyond donating, Heinz Beanz has also started a raffle that gives anybody who is a resident in the UK (sorry, everyone else), the chance to win £5,000 in cash and a noisy trip to London. All you have to do is to upload a video of yourself re-making the can song.

But before you get too excited, sadly the raffle already ended on November 13th. So you’re kind of stuck with watching the can song videos over and over again. Can you handle it? And can you handle my canny can puns?


Oh man, I’m really hopeless with wordplays…. So canyway – see, I just can’t stop – if you want to check it out, here you go.

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