There are countless things we do every single day that we put little to no thought into doing but affect our daily lives and the lives of most people around us significantly. Things we take for granted – like taking the train to work, reading the paper, or doing both at the same time. These little things which we don’t really think about require a huge amount of energy. The articles in the paper need to be written, edited, published and printed while the train needs to be built, put to work and operated by numerous men and women.

In the same way as riding the train affects many lives, recycling metal cans has a positive impact on an impressive variety of daily life issues and affects us all substantially.

Recycling One Steel Can Conserves Enough Energy to Watch Your Favourite TV Show for Two Hours on Average

Whether you prefer watching Popeye beat up the bad guys while high on canned spinach or laugh at Homer Simpson sipping his beloved Duff beer, if you recycle one metal can, you get two hours on average of TV entertainment. Because that is how much energy is conserved by recycling one can compared to producing a new one.

You Get Four Hours of Light from a 60 Watt Bulb by Recycling One Can

Maybe you belong to the “I-don’t-even-own-a-TV”-folk. That’s perfectly fine, we don’t judge. In that case, you might be more inclined to hear that the same action that gives others one hour of TV (i.e. recycling one metal can), gives you four hours of light from a 60W light bulb, and probably more if you’re into energy-saving light bulbs. With four extra hours of light you might finally be able to finish High Fidelity or whatever pretentious hipster book you’re currently reading.

Cans Are Infinitely Recyclable, Over and Over, Forever

If you’re a keen follower of our blog, you may be well aware of this fact. But we simply cannot stretch enough how amazing the endless recyclability of metal packaging truly is. Just think about the fact that right now, you may be drinking from a can containing metal that was previously part of a can that you drank from a couple of years ago. A little creepy? Maybe. But it’s definitely fascinating.

Four Six-Packs of Beverage Cans Can Support a Two-Ton Vehicle

Now this might be taking it a little far, but imagine heading home from shopping, overly excited about the big game coming up and suddenly your car rolls over a burst truck tire surprising you with a sudden halt. You call the automobile club, they send out their best mechanic and you’re on your way to go in no time. Right? Wrong! He can’t take a look under your car, because there’s no lift in sight so he has to tow your car, take it to the workshop and you’ll never make it home in time.

But wait, the situation isn’t as hopeless as it seems. Luckily you just purchased four six-packs of your favourite canned beverage which are stable enough to support your car. Now all you’ll have to do is figure out how to get your car up there and you’re home just in time for kick-off.

As you see, recycling cans is incredibly sustainable. It literally saves energy enabling us to do all the stuff we love doing when we’re done recycling cans.

Since you’re probably already a first-class can recycler, we’d like to know what you’re doing with all the energy you’re saving by recycling. Tell us in the comments!

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