On a warm and sunny summer, cool and refreshing drinks can make our day. Whether you’re just chilling in the garden or being exhausted from a 10 kilometre run in the burning midday sun – grabbing a nicely chilled and flavoured canned drink is never a bad idea. However, there’s one thing we frequently tend to forget about: Our experience of enjoying a sparkling drink could become even better if we knew that during production people and environment were treated respectfully. Therefore, many companies have recently shifted their focus from creating more and more spectacular flavours and increasing their turnover to fair trade, eco-consciousness and sustainability. Here are five beverage companies that support the environment and whose canned drinks you should definitely put on your next shopping list.

Karma Cola

Among all soft drinks, Cola might be the most famous one. New Zealand based Karma Cola recently surprised their Twitter followers with the following fact: “2 billion cola-branded drinks are consumed around the world every day but not one contains cola.” Accordingly, it was their goal to put cola back in the can – and so they did. Since 2010, Karma Cola has sold 12 million units of their fair trade organic cola, lemonade and ginger ale. But there’s even more to this: From each sale three Cents go back to the cola nut growers in Sierra Leone, who provide the base ingredient of the cola drink.


Fourpure, a brewery from Bermondsey established in 2013, was the first London brewery to exclusively use cans for their entire product range. This way, they decided to choose the lighter, more durable and more recyclable material compared to glass. Moreover, before the end of 2017, they had almost halved their water usage of 2014. “Sustainability was a driving force when we started, and the more we go on, the more integral it’s becoming” states Jethro Holman from Fourpure. Overall, the company is a true role model and acts exemplary in many respects.

Ugly Drinks

There’s no doubt that naming your drink ‘ugly’ requires a decent amount of courage, but this company had quite a good reason to do just that. They wanted to expose the ugly truth, which is products promising health and happiness, even though they might be stuffed with unhealthy ingredients. Ugly Drinks, on the contrary, feature all natural, flavoured sparkling water with no sugar, sweetener or calories. Aside from that, sustainability is a serious issue for them: Their cans are made from recycled metal and claimed to be 100% recyclable.

Green Sheep Water

Green Sheep Water is very likely to become my favourite drink on this list. Founders Nicole Doucet and Jess Page are very ambitious to promote the use of eco-friendly metal, which they explain can be recycled more often and more efficiently than any other packaging material. First, they started selling their water in metal bottles only, however, they recently launched a standard 12-ounce can version of their still water. The minimalist look of the products makes them appear very high-quality.

Dash Water

Dash Water is another zero-calorie sparkling water with no sugar and sweeteners. But providing a drink made of natural and just a few ingredients is only half the mission of founders Alex Wright and Jack Scott: As they both have a farming background, they’ve seen first-hand how much food gets actually wasted. Therefore, they’re aiming to reduce food waste by using wonky fruits and vegetables for their drinks. They source wonky cucumbers from Essex farms, while ugly lemons are imported from Sicily. “We’re passionate about offering drinks that are healthy but also crafted in a sustainable way,” says Alex Wright.

Which one of these drinks would you like to try? Do you know some other beverage companies that support sustainability? Leave us a comment in the section below.

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