"Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, ” at least that’s what my niece tells me when things get done quick and well, just easy. Sometimes it seems that things get more difficult by getting older, but the good news is some things don’t – for example this DIY! 
Just in time with all freshly made New Year’s resolutions I thought tidying up and be less messy, would be a great idea. So my next mission is organising my bureau with this perfect little helpers. 
And here are your instructions:

What Do You Need:

– Cans (use every size you like)
– Handicraft Paper
– Glue
– Scissors

What Do You Have To Do:

1.    First step: Grab your cans and clean them. 
2.    Cut the colourful paper into fitting pieces for your cans.
3.    Afterwards you can already stick the paper pieces onto your cans. It’s up to you how many cans you create, but as always: the more, the better! 😉 
4.    Let the glue dry and put all your pencils, pens and eraser in it and enjoy the tidiness! 


What’s your favourite easy but effective DIY? Share your secret know-how with me.

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