If you feel suspicious about the nutritiousness of canned food, you and I have long been on the same team. When time was rare and I was starving I had canned food – garnished with a slightly bad conscience. When there was more time to prepare a decent meal I went for fresh produce. How foolish I was to think of canned food being inferior. But now I know better, and so should you!

Canned Food Health Facts and Some Tips

Let’s have a look at veggies. First, canned veggies are generally processed upon harvest when their nutritional content is highest. Second, cans serve as a shield to light, oxygen and dirt, keeping vitamins and minerals preserved. In fact there are cases in which the canning process even enhances nutritiousness. Just check my top 3 canned foods below for some examples. Fresh produce, on the contrary, has a long transit to the store on which it loses nutrients.

If you’re concerned about the sodium in canned food there’s good news for you, too. Where a high content in sodium posed a problem once, more and more low-sodium or no-salt-added options are making their way into the aisles nowadays. In addition to buying these, rinsing and draining your canned veggies will decrease the amount of sodium by about 40 percent.

For canned fruits, choose those packed only in 100 percent juice and/or water. That way you avoid extra sugar.

My Top 3 Canned Foods

1. Canned tomatoes

If you need an antioxidant boost, get yourself some canned tomatoes. The healthy all-rounder is rich in the antioxidant lycopene, which help to reduce the risk for cancer, the heating process involved in packing of the tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene.

2. Canned salmon

Whether in pasta sauce or on a sandwich: Canned fish adds many nutritional benefits to your meal, especially canned salmon. As the bones are being canned together with the meat, the canned fish version is higher in calcium and vitamin D.

3. Canned pumpkin and carrots

Did you know that beta-carotene converts into vitamin A, which is essential for good vision and the health of your eyes, a strong immune system and a healthy skin? Plus, it boosts your immune system due to its antioxidant properties. This brings me to pumpkin and carrots, natural sources of beta-carotene! The canning process helps to preserve this valuable nutrition.


Ingredients are one, a nice recipe another. We’re looking forward to your canned food recipes below this blog post.

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