Cans and Christmas aren’t necessarily two things one might think belong together. But think again, because cans and Christmas are in fact a match made in heaven – or a match made under the Christmas tree?

Canny Decorations

Cans can be Snowmen, Santa, an Advent calendar, Advent wreaths, decorations for your table setting or other decorations. They also make for beautiful lanterns.

Upcycling is the most eco-friendly way to use your “waste” and cans are perfect for a variety of DIY decorations. And you can certainly create a cozy Christmas atmosphere with them. Cans even make a great alternative to wrapping paper. Wonder how this works? Check out this DIY and find out!


Canny Christmas Feasts

We have often talked about the excellent nutritional value of canned goods and their versatility. If you are living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle you are probably incorporating lots of canned goodies in your recipes anyways, but even if you don’t, your Christmas dinner will be better with canned food. (And we are not talking about the Christmas Tinner monstrosity!)  Especially desserts seem to fit the purpose because – let’s be honest ­– canned fruit is just delicious!

Canny Gifts

You could even consider giving canny gifts, like jewelry made from cans. If you are into DIY-activities, why not create them yourself? But of course, there are several shops who offer beautiful, unique pieces, like “Canned Goods”.

Do you have any DIY ideas for a Canny Christmas that we missed?

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