Hello early bird, have you already collected all of your Christmas gifts? In case you have, I am really jealous of you and I would love to change positions! Right now, I count one single gift which is for my grandmother and it’s the boring calendar she gets every year… Trying to be innovative just never worked out for me the way I planned it. 🙁

But if you are braver or more creative than I am, I have something (maybe) new for you and it’s about packaging! Even though I don’t have any gifts yet, I know how to wrap them up. Because my world often revolves around cookies, candy and so many more sweet treats, this DIY perfectly fits my personal habits! 🙂 I’ll show you how you can create a sweet and simple gift wrapper for your thoughtful chosen presents.

What Do You Need:

– Old Cookie Can
– Spray Cans (choose any colours you like)
– Drawstring
– Christmas Stickers

What Do You Have To Do:

  1. Honestly, the best part is the beginning. The only way to get to empty cookie cans is to eat them all up. What a pity! 😉
  2. When the cookie can is finally ready and clean (and you’re stuffed), you can start spraying the colour on the can. Then wait until everything is really dry.
  3. Put your presents carefully inside the box and close it. Lace the drawstrings around the can more than two times around the can and use it as additional support.
  4. If you like, you can put some Christmas sticker on top of your can or put some name or “Merry Christmas” tags onto it.
  5. Enjoy giving your cookie can as a present! 🙂

Do you wrap up gifts the “classic” way? If not, what’s your favourite kind of gift wrapper? I’m curious and looking forward to seeing your tips and ideas!

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