It was my greatest travel adventure so far – backpacking through Southeast Asia was a wonderful experience I would have never wanted to miss out on. It was way more than exploring beautiful places beyond what I naturally see in my everyday life. It also was discovering new cultures and – tastes! Whether it’s new dishes from countries with totally different tastes, or just sharing food with new found friends – food is definitely something that makes a trip super special. Because, well, I love food. I mean, who does not? There is one food experience I will never forget: after a very hot, exciting sightseeing day, I had a cold beer with my travel buddies. As a snack, we tried a culinary delight at a street food market: insects. Bugs, grasshoppers, scorpions, they were all very crunchy and good. No surprise I brought home some canned bugs as a souvenir. Just to find out that in 2018, Europe passed a law which declares insects to be food!

Burgers, Noodles, Snack-Insects

You can find insects as street food in Thailand, Vietnam or Myanmar. They are usually fried and eaten by adding pepper powder. In Europe, this trend hasn’t fully settled – we take baby steps towards entomophagous eating habits. Insect burgers, noodles or protein bars made from insect protein are already selling in several European countries, but it’s still a long way to go until insects are fully accepted as food. Even though they are a promising part of future food chains! To slowly establish these very nutritious and sustainably produced groceries, EU law regulates the conditions for food and feed business operators, such as insect producers, to cultivate and commercialise their goods in the European Union.

It’s Good For You – And For The Environment!

Insects contain nutrient levels that are particularly pertinent for human consumption. They are rich in protein and containing essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They do not only support your health, but also the environment! Check out this infographic by Aketta to find out, what more advantages they offer:

(Credits: Aketta Food Group)

Hungry (For Information) Now?

If you want to try the taste of insects, but you don’t have the time to travel to Southeast Asia, that’s no problem at all. Various online-shops such as “Thailand unique” already offer both food with processed insect proteins (such as insect burgers or noodles) and whole insects. The best about this: they come in a can! If you struggle to go for the “full insect experience”, you can even start your entomophagous journey with insects covered in chocolate! Because let’s be honest: everything tastes better covered in chocolate (or cheese…). Have you already tried insects and you are now looking for inspirational recipes to cook? Stop your search and have a closer look at this blog: Jiminis. It offers delicious and creative recipes with the little bugs. Further information on the European regularities offers IPIFF, the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed.

What do you think? Will insects be the next big food revolution in Europe? Leave us a comment!

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