What do you like most about summer? For me it's the warmth in the air, the late sunsets and of course, the garden party season! I love hanging out with my friends in the summer evenings and chilling outside with friends, good music and someone firing up the barbecue. This got me thinking, how can I combine my love of garden parties with my love of cans? And here are some fun ideas I came up with.

Getting High on Cans or: Using Cans as Stilts

You probably don't know this about me (because me writing sounds so tall) but I'm actually pretty short. At 158cm I'm usually the smallest one in all of my friendship groups, unless somebody brings their kids along! So it’s pretty obvious why this idea is my favourite.

All you need for this little DIY project are two empty cans and two long pieces of string per person. I recommend using paint cans as they are probably more stable than food cans. Just try it yourself and see how different you feel with an extra 15 centimetres.

Hit the Can

I don't know about you guys but for me and my friends it is almost impossible to have a garden party without someone bringing cookies! There is always at least one can of crunchy cookies, which are usually gone pretty shortly after the can has been opened. Time to throw the can in the trash bin, right? Wait, stop!! I have a different idea, why don't you use the empty can to play “hit the pot”? All you have to do is put some sweets into the cookie can and hide it somewhere on the ground. Then you cover the player's eyes and spin him/her around a few times. Afterwards, help the player get down onto his/her knees. Finally, provide them with a wooden spoon and enjoy watching his/her efforts to hit the can with all the treasure inside. If you think that sounds childish, then you will be surprised how much “big” kids enjoy this game.

Can + Telephone = Canophone

Wow, this blog post is full of nice fun facts about me. Here comes the next one: I love to talk on the phone. That’s actually the main difference between me and most people. You should already know that if you have read my author description below! This passion developed during my childhood when me and my friends would use cans as phones. We literally sat all day long talking into cans across the room from each other.

But even as an adult it’s still fun. You could use a “canophone” for example to play Chinese Whispers. Have a guess: What the word “aerosol” becomes after a few rounds? 😉

What do you think of our ideas? Will you use them at your next party? We’re super keen on seeing some pictures! Just leave them or an invitation to your next party in the comments below. 😉

PS: If you need inspiration to improve the look of your garden then check out some out cool garden hacks with cans.

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