Now we’ve seen some pretty cool ways of using cans besides the obvious. You don’t remember? Just take a look at our posting about supporting your new year’s resolutions with cans or the towel storage system made out of cans.

Today our standards are a little bit higher – they’re up in the air. No, we’re not megalomaniac. We just learned that some of the planes flying above our heads day by day are made out of recycled cans. That’s our inspiration for today’s DIY. We make planes out of empty beverage cans.

How to transform a can into a plane

1. First of all you need one or two empty beverage cans, scissors and very strong glue. You can also buy two little wheels at a handicraft shop to let the result look more realistic.

2. To make the base for your plane, you’ll have to cut various parts. You need four long rectangles as wings, a larger rectangle as the plane’s body and some smaller drop shaped parts. Later those will be the propeller’s wings.

3. Bend the larger aluminum rectangle around a small pipe to form the body. Now you’ve got the basic structure.

4. Glue two of the four rectangle wings together so you’ll have a long one. After that glue two smaller wings to the body and fix the longer wing with a toothpick above them. Cut the endings of the two underlying wings so all of them have the same range.

5. Position the propeller wings at the nose and the end of your plane. Fix them with glue.

6. Grab some more toothpicks and glue your wheels to the body. Now your plane is finished.

Of course that’s only one way your plane could look like – the sky is the limit for your imagination. Here are some others:

If you’re turning cans into planes by yourself, we would love to see some pictures of the results – just put the link in the comments below.

Tl;dr: Throwing isn’t the only way how cans can fly.

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